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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 7

Link to Chapter 7 below:


29 thoughts on “Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 7

  1. There is a move in Dragon Quest(s), and maybe other JRPGs, called “Helm Splitter.” It IS a debuff/armor break move, so your choice is definitely not wrong. However, it’s probably a reference.


    1. Furthermore, there are moves called “Pierce,” and “Cleave.” While this story is a little more serious, I see no reason why the Abilities/Skills can’t be references just the same.

      Just, Pierce is a lance/spear move, while Cleave and Helm Splitter are axe moves.


      1. Wow thanks for the information killercool.

        I didn’t play much RPG games so I have a hard time understanding some of the terminology. Good to have you here informing me.


  2. Hmm… i wonder if the editor is talking about the cat of the girl… they could both be considered cute… but i wonder what the editor’s definition of cute is… or is it the entire picture? puzzling I must say….
    thanks for the chapter
    ….I really focused on teh wrong thing…

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  3. Thank you for the Chapter!

    Btw, this sentence
    “I said devoted of any emotion.”
    Did you mean
    “I said devoid of any emotion.” ?
    Since I don’t know the raw I’m guessing by the sentence itself. lol
    If I’m wrong, then please ignore it.


    1. Thanks Mecharos!

      Devoid is the word i am looking for instead of devoted. I thought they are the same ~.~

      I reread and decided to use ‘indifferently’ as it is closer to the original sentence meaning.


    1. Kabutowari, or helmet splitting, it’s a attack that’s supposed to have the power behind it to break a helmet while someone is wearing it. Not always used on armor. And 100% isn’t Armor Break!


  4. Thanks!
    (Π”γ‚œγ€€) βˆ©βˆ©γ€€ (βŒ’β‰‘
    βŠ†βŠ‚Β΄οΏ£οΏ£ γ‚½γ€€(βŒ’(βŒ’;
    γ€€ οΏ£οΏ£οΏ£γ€€


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