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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 10

A new chapter to celebrate my moving to a new site! Also anyone know how I can update Novelupdate about my new site?

Enjoy btw!

Kuma: I still don’t know how to use it ;w;

Chapter 10: Confession and the Limitation of a Cat

I am still being lectured by Misha up until now.
[At that time, if I didn’t come to help, Goshujinsama will likely be dead]
Misha is talking about the matter of me jumping in front of the Imp to save Runaria.
[As an adventurer, your situational awareness is lacking. And you should also treasure your own life]

[There is no helping it. If Misha was standing in my shoes, you will definitely do the same]
This is also a matter I could not compromise on.
This is because I was hired by Runaria as a guard.
Hence, I felt that I did the correct thing regardless of whether I am being a good guy or an adventurer of the guild.

After a moment of silence,
Misha sighed like a human once again.

[That’s right ne~, I also feel proud having such a splendid goshujinsama]
[I will be delighted if you understand yo~]
[It’s true that you are manly back then. However, treasure your life more ne~]
[Un, I know]

It is certain that if Misha is not a cat, she would not be able to overtake me jumping into the face of the Imp.
A second of difference is enough to determine between the life and death of an adventure.
I need to be more careful as I am not a salaryman anymore.

Misha jumped onto my lap.
Similar to what I did in the past, I gently stroke her back.

[Goshujinsama’s hand, is warm…]
[This is because a cat’s body temperature is high]
[What I meant is the spirit yo~] (T.L. not sure what Misha meant here?)

— Konkon, Konkon
Someone is knocking on the door.

Misha and I jumped in surprise at the same time.
From the perceptive of an outsider, all I am doing is petting a cat. However, this is the lovely dovey time for Misha and me.

I peeked and saw Runaria face through the small keyhole. I immediately opened the door.

[I apologise for the sudden visit…]

Runaria looked as though she might still cry anytime.

[I would like to thank you one more time….]

[Aaa, so it’s about this matter. You do not have to worry about –]

All of a sudden, Runaria fell towards me.
No, thats not it.
She is hugging me tightly…

[You risked your life to save me so I am extremely grateful to you…]
[This is just part of my job]
[But, I am still very happy…]

As I have no experience in dealing with such a situation, I began to panic slightly.
Just when I was thinking that it is fortunate that I became an adventurer.

[Ano… Keiji san…]
Speaking of which, I did not realise that she always calls me by my name.
[I Like you desu… will you marry me? …]

Eeh, suddenly asking for marriage?
I see, it is not strange for the people in this world.

Aa, no way, no way.

This and that are different matters.
This is the answer that Runaria reached after much consideration.
What matters the most is the current situation.
She mustered up her willpower and came here to confess.
Despite knowing that an adventurer’s job is extremely dangerous and I might travel to all sort of places anytime.

In contrast, I —


Misha cried out sadly.

Not good. I will only betray Misha if this continues any further.

I know that Misha always loved me. (T.L I dunno how I feel about this…)
Although love could not be quantified, without a doubt, Misha always loved me way before I met Runaria.

[Sorry] is what I said. (T.L No no no what are you doing MC)
Of course, I said this to Runaria.

[There is someone waiting for me. She is also an adventurer like me]

[I see desu…]

Runaria seemed a bit lonely.
And then, she slowly raises her head.

[Sorry, I must have given you a shock]
[Unn, I am happy as well] (T.L Unn = impolite form of ‘no’)
[Ano, could I ask something?]
[Un, what is it?] (T.L Un = impolite form of ‘yes’)
[If, the person waiting for you is no longer around, will you still accept my confession?]
[Of course]

[Thank you] (T.L o.o Misha your life is in danger)
Finally, Runaria left my room while smiling.

[It seems that I have to keep a closer watch on Goshujinsama ne~]
Misha said this after Runaria left.
[There is no such thing. I will fail as an owner if I made Misha sad]
[I see. But…]

Misha glance at me while looking suspicious.
[If, I am not around, won’t Goshujinsama accept her confession?]

[Aaa, stop suspecting me!]
[Also, you seem so happy being hugged by a young girl]
[Th, that… aren’t all men like that…]
It will be weirder for a man to dislike being hugged by girls.

[Just now, although I gave you permission to do as you like, it seem that it is better for me to withdraw the permission]
[What?! So unreasonable!]

It seems not too bad to keep on flirting like that – but the atmosphere suddenly becoame gloomier than expected.

[Because… when I saw Goshujinsama hugging another women… I became extremely angry]
I felt that Misha might cry anytime.
Her voice is shaking.
[I can’t do anything because my body is that of a cat, so I felt unease…]

Because she is a cat.
The pain Misha is suffering is probably more than what I can imagine.
I seems that I must do something to ease her pain.

[Sorry, I let Misha feel upset]
Misha immediately hugged my wrist.
It will be good if this is sufficient to calm Misha down.

[Haa… although I feel happy when Goshujinsama is stroking me… but at the end of the day, it is but a relationship between a pet and her master]
Although what she said was true, it seems that this is not sufficient to satisfy Misha any longer.

[As expected I can’t go on like this. I would also cause Goshujinsama some trouble]
[What trouble?]
[For example… we can’t do things such as kissing]

[If it is kissing, I feel that we can still do it?] (T.L I feel my motivation dropping trying to understand the MC)
Since a cat also has a mouth.
[Wrong! There is no meaning if it is a kiss between a cat and a human!]
It seems Misha is very particular about the matter of kissing.
[In other words, we must not kiss now. The first kiss should be left till a later date! – Alright!]
It seems that Misha made some sort of decision.

[Let’s go to the guild to find a high paying job. And then we will be able to buy the grimoire to turn me into a human. Also Goshujisama’s level also raised to Lv 11 so we could accept some better commission]

[You seem so motivated…]

[Tomorrrow, immediately, GO TO THE GUILD NE~! Because I definitely want to became a human girl and love-love with goshujinsama! And then kiss when I become human being!] (T.L I change “Raburabu” from mate to love-love so it sounds better)


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  1. Congratulation on your new site~!!! ^^
    Whew.. I hope Misha would get her human form fast…
    I am having a mixed feeling when reading this lol
    Thank you for the chapter~


    1. Thanks Thanks!
      Yes I was trying so hard not to … smack someone when I am translating…
      I dunno what to feel about the MC anymore.


      1. I mean, we could all agree he’s an idiot and just love Misha? I mean, she’s cute right? A yan/tsun/kuudere cat-girl will definitely be adorable.


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  3. Lol-ing the chapter, the reader must have some glad, that the cat transform into human girl not some bipedal cat or we have some furry scene


  4. Is it weird that my thoughts about the way that chapter ended were, “Don’t you have the order backwards?” Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Hmm the raw is the: 明日 (Tomorrow)、早速(Immediately)、ギルドに行くからね(Go to the guild ne!)! 絶対に人間の女の子になってらぶらぶするんだから!(Definitely want to become a human girl and do ‘RabuRabu’ stuffs!) 人間同士でキスもするんだから!(Because I want to kiss the moment I become a human being!)

      The order is correct but maybe I shouldn’t use ‘mate’ to translate ‘Raburabu’ but flirt or lovely dovey to tone down it?


  5. …I don’t know how you managed to roped me into editing this series, but I’m begining to question what I’m doing with my life…


  6. Thanks for the new chapter!
    I haven’t personally done any updates for chapter releases, so I’m just purely guessing. If you go to ‘User Profile’, there’s an ‘Add Chapter’ button. I think after a few times, the NU bot will start automatically scanning your site to update stuff.


    1. Hmm the raw is the: 明日 (Tomorrow)、早速(Immediately)、ギルドに行くからね(Go to the guild ne!)! 絶対に人間の女の子になってらぶらぶするんだから!(Because I definitely want to become a human girl and do ‘RabuRabu’ stuffs!) 人間同士でキスもするんだから!(Because I want to kiss when I become a human being!)

      I don’t really know how to express the word (らぶらぶ/Raburabu)? Maybe it shouldn’t be mate but other words?


  7. Don’t take this the wrong way. I believe you are doing a great job translating and I appreciate how much effort you put in to make it readable, but a major gripe I have is when translators continue adding stuff like “maa” or “ne~”. To me the sentences would sound better without them. If my weeb friend started talking like that, I’d smack him in the head.


    1. I don’t think its the translator who’s adding them. “Nee~” and “maa~” are common onomatopeia in Japanese conversation, the former is requesting confirmation and the latter is affirming an understanding. They are like “huh?” in english


      1. Yup, like what melisaartemis said.

        All the ‘maa~” and ‘ne~’ are words translated directly from the raw. Its hard to remove the those words without losing the tone of the sentence.

        For example: “Ne~, ne~, otousan give me some money” vs “Otousan give me some money”. The former makes the sentence more childish and also soften the tone of the whole sentence.


  8. Gentlemen, here lies our future if the feminists win. Instead of the lonely cat lady, sipping wine and eating dinner for one, we’ll soon have the lonely cat guy with a neko fetish trying to make out with his cat while the talking cat goes “Not yet, Goshoujin-sama so ecchi nya <3~" XD
    Thanks for the chapter, lol at this mc.


  9. Personally, I think “mate” should have been kept instead of “love-love”, only because it highlights the fact that Misha might still think like a cat.


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