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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage De Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 12

Chapter 12 for Cheat na Kaineko is here ~

On a side note, I will pick up Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi as my 2nd translation project as I see quite a few of you guys are interested ~~~ But it will not be update as frequent as my main project is still Cheat neko.

Chapter 12: The route to floor B23

On the second day when I decided to head to B23 to defeat the golden slime.

I bought the most expensive plate mail that I can afford.
I accumulated quite a sum of money thanks to the reward from the guild as well as the money from diving deep into the dungeon. Hence, I managed to buy a second hand one for 40000 coins.

I won’t die instantly even in worst case scenario.
Misha would be able to heal me back to full health and I could also buy more time while waiting for her to defeat the enemy.

My status for strength is also considered relatively high.

[There is one thing you must promise me. We will return immediately once I judge the situation as dangerous. Absolutely abandon the thoughts that you can still carry on]
[I understand]
It is certainly a bad move trying to force your way through the dungeon.

This is what happen after that —

[Ah, let’s stop here for today]
[Obviously you look tired. Let’s stop here]
[You can’t concentrate anymore. Let’s stop here now!]
[We can’t handle the fire breath of the baby dragon ne~, let’s stop here!]

We are still unable to reach floor B23.

But that is as expected.
It will certainly be dangerous going there at such a low level.

Fortunately, my level also increased as we fought enemies which gave high experience points.


Lv 14
Occupation: Warrior
Strength: 125
Magic Power: 65
Attack Power: 111
Defence: 110
Agility: 105
Intelligence: 87
Ability: Piercing, Cleaving, Helmet break, Charge Up (力溜め)
Others: Companion of a cat


It would be safe to assume that I have graduated from being a newbie adventurer already.

[We finally crossed over the next phase ne~]
Misha said this while exploring the dungeon one day.
[It seems that there are a few different phases an adventurer will go through. The first stage is when you reached low lv 10. As strong enemies will begin to increase, there will also be a few that do not dare to continue while others will die during battle]

[I understand yo~, those adventurer hunters I previously met falls into this category]
[The next phase is when you reached Lv 15. The danger will greatly increase as golems appear so you would not win if you do not have a proper strategy]

Certainly even one mistake will be fatal.
[There are many people who will quit at this phase due to mental exhaustion or die after meeting an enemy that is too strong]
[And we are just reached this phase]

We are at floor B15 at that time.
We met a golem but Misha cleaned it up.
We still have some room to spare this time but I usually will hear the word [Let’s stop here] soon after this.

Actually, I receive a direct hit from a Behemoth when I was Lv 13 and it took about half of my physical strength.
It is correct to be careful here.

However, we did not meet many enemies on floor B16 that day.

We made it to the stairs connecting to floor B17.

Such good luck.

When luck comes, it comes in continuous batches.

This time, luck is on my side.

Although we did have not enter floor B17 before and it might be dangerous if we are surrounded by enemies on this path, luckily we did not encounter any enemy and managed to reach the stairs to floor B18.

A Minotaur came charging over once we reached floor B18.
It swings its club down towards me.

[What are you trying to do to Goshujinsama!]
Misha destroyed the club using her cat punch.

[Although that was a dangerous moment, but well, it seems safe judging from the end results]
The enemy appears one by one afterwards but Misha destroyed all of them.

And then we managed to break into floor B19.
The path to floor B23 is getting nearer.

[Speaking of it seriously]
Misha could not let her guard down because of me.
But I could feel her raising emotions from her words.
[Maybe this time, we could succeed]
[I think so too]

We also encountered enemies on floor B19 but they were all lured by Misha to a dead end and instantly destroyed.

This is an effective battle strategy as the Minotaur and baby dragon we encountered on floor B20 were defeated using the same strategy.

The stairs to floor B21 was easily discovered by us.
[I am getting hungry]
Honestly speaking, I have never tried exploring the dungeon for such a long period of time so my sense of time is getting disorientated.
Lunch time might already be over but I did not feel like eating.
If I took out some bread and eat, the smell might attract monsters over and it will be disastrous.

[Should we go back then?]
[Let’s continue. I want Misha to become a human]
I said it clearly so we will not be diverted from our main purpose.

I did not really want to enter floor B23.
But I really want to make Misha into a human.
[Absolutely do not die]
[I will absolutely live and return for Misha]

The monsters on floor B22 were all sleeping so we managed to proceed with caution.
There is a monster wearing full body armour and it looked extremely strong so I did not want to fight it.
There is also a monster with a giant eyeball and it’s devil eye magic skill could temporary disable the usage of magic. Misha would be unable to use recovery magic for a period of time so I would like to avoid it as much as possible.

And we finally found the stairway leading to floor B23

Misha said this statement in front of the stairs.

[Let’s go yo~, take a deep breath first]

I take in a deep breath and slowly exhale.

[I am prepared for it]

Let’s go to the floor B23 which has the golden slime.



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