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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Purchase of the Magic Grimoire

The body of the golden slime was separated into a few parts and placed into a bag.
[It is quite heavy… although I already knew it at that time when I was being squashed by it]
It weighs approximately 30 kilograms.

Or rather, I finally understand the reason why it could fetch such a high price judging by how much gold there is.
[It is too dangerous for Goshunjinsama to carry it since it leaves so many gaps in your defense]
Certainly, the bag is quite bulky so it gets in the way.

[Although it gets in the way, there is no other choice]
We finally agree on Misha dragging one end of the bag by pulling it with her mouth while I carry the other end.
As expected of a Lv 71, she carried it with effort to spare.
[Clap your hand if an enemy appears behind you]
[Un, I know, I do not want to die either]

Despite being a little awkward (carrying the bag), we returned to the surface.
Honestly speaking, I felt the danger was over once we returned back to B14.
If it is the enemy from this floor, I could handle it 1 on 1 without any problem. Furthermore, it does not seem like enemies such as golems appear.
[Beporeee returning to the fufacee, do noth let yor guardth down] (T.L sorry this is the first time I tried translating like this. Basically, Misha is biting the bag while speaking so her pronunciation is supposed to be weird) (地上に帰りつくまふぇふぁ、油断しふぁだめよ – feel free to help me translate into a better sentence)
Misha reminded me while holding the end of the bag with her mouth.
I am ashamed that I let my guard down, so I must reflect on my actions.

After we returned to the surface, we immediately head to the guild to exchange it for money.
It would be bad if the item got stolen.
The receptionist (whose name is Aria by the way), said [Ano, please come to the back]

And took us to the office on the second floor behind the counter so as to not attract unwanted attention.

[I am sorry ne~, if what you have in the bag is really a golden slime, there might be people aiming at Keiji-san…]
That might be the case.

It is not strange for people trying to steal someone who is carrying tens of millions of yen on them.
Even if there is no thief, there might still be some strange people trying to get close to me.

Aria held her breath after seeing the golden slime inside the bag.
[Amazing… This is my second time seeing a golden slime with my own eyes]
Misha proudly cried out [Nyaa~]
[However, I am impressed ne~. Many people lose their life on their way to find a golden slime]
[I am just lucky]
This time Misha cried out with pride.
It meant that “my goshujinsama is amazing right?”
I could understand what Misha is trying to say from the difference in her tone. I have known her for so long after all.

[Please wait a moment as I go get the person in charge of cash exchange]
The person-in-charge came after a slight wait (He is an uncle who looks like a typical merchant)
[Ooh, this is an item you do not see that often…]
The appraisal he gave made me happy.

[Let me see, how about 4.8 million coins for this?
Of course I immediately agreed.
With this, I could immediately purchase the magic grimoire that cost 1.2 million coins.

[However, I am unable to bring out such a huge sum of money at such short notice. How about I give you the rights to tab this amount of money to the guild]
I receive a cheque booklet which already has the guild name pre-written on it.
All I have to do is to write my name and 1.2 million coin onto the cheque and I could purchase the magic grimoire.

[Ah, there is also one more good news yo~!]
Aria-san was all smile while saying this.
[Your adventurer rank has been increased to D!]

Although I felt happy —
[But I did not receive any quest from the guild…]
[No, since you are able to reach B23 and defeat the monster, it is natural for your rank to be raised]
I received the proof that I have became stronger.

Next, we immediately went to the shop selling the magic grimoire.
The shop owner was extremely surprised when I wanted to purchase it with the check.
Certainly, not many people will buy the grimoire as it costs quite a fortune.

[Is this a gift for your wife who is a magician?]
The shop owner asked me.
[Although it is not totally correct, it is also not far from it]

After I returned to the inn, I told okamisan about the matter of the golden slime and was treated to various kinds of dishes.
[It is weird being treated by others despite me being the one who earned a lot of money…]
[There is a lot worth celebrating so do not mind the small details!]
As the condition of the dungeon was extremely harsh, I was so touched that my eye got watery by okamisan’s gesture.
Actually, I would also like Misha to share the dishes with me but it would look strange for a cat to eat all those.
[Excuse me, could you also make something special for Misha too?]
Misha lay her face onto my lap as a sign of gratitude.

And after dinner,
Misha begun reading the body transformation grimoire enthusiastically.
[I see ne~. So this is how you read it]
I got used to the scene of a cat reading a book.

There are 3 stages involved in learning a new magic spell.
The first way is to repeatedly read a new grimoire.
A magician could learn a wide huge repertoire of spells by memorizing the spell this way.

The next way is to actively trying to understand the principle of the spell.
You usually learn it under the teaching of a grand magician.
You might also possibly acquire a unique spell from them this way.
However, it is not necessary to have an excellent teacher to become a magician and not all grand magicians have excellent pupils.
At such a time, a grand magician will make a grimoire to prevent the loss of their unique spell.
Hence, this is also a reason why there are many grimoires on the market.
Of course, if there is an extremely rare and special grimoire, it would not be sold to the market.

In principle, it is also possible to create your own original magic thinking logically.
(Creating an original magic) is considered the third way of acquiring magic, but none of this concerns Misha now.
Nevertheless, to become a great grand magician, it would not be bad for us to try and create our own original magic when that time comes.
Or rather, it is highly possible for Misha to walk on this path judging by her strength.

From the first day she started reading, Misha spent four days reading and getting familiarized with the grimoire.
And got used to flipping the page with just her eyes.
And then on the fourth day,
[Let’s try using the body transformation spell]
Misha said so with a cool and calm voice.

T.L Oh dang, we still must wait till the next chapter to see her transformation -.-


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  1. and then.. It is just a loli… People would look him with cold eyes as she looks like a kid…. Welp she is in fact by human age. But by cats age… Idk

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  2. [Is this a gift for your wife who is a magician?]
    The shop owner asked me.
    [Although it is not totally correct, it is also not far from it]

    He confirmed it himself~
    The change in their relationship is not too far from now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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