Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 2

2nd Meal: Peachy fruits

On the following day, it seems that my prayer was heard as I am still in one piece.

[Uoooo… I am still alive…]

I managed to stay alive so I have to start acting to break out of the current situation.

The first thing I have to do is to obtain the power to protect myself.
Fortunately, the current season seems to be early summer.
The weather is warm, so it is not a problem being fully naked.
But I still want to wear clothing as expected…

It was at this moment that I realized it.
The me right now, still have some remnant memories of me being a male.
Alright! Let’s recall while I eat.
There is a possibility that I could recall more useful memories.

I plucked a peach-like fruit that was growing lower and took a big bite.
The sweetness of the fruits would really make one get addicted, but even if that is the case… I would still get sick of it sooner than later.

Well then, first is my name…

What… is it!?
I can’t recall!? My occupation is…? Definitely not a NEET?
This is troublesome. I still recall memories of my hobby when I am still a guy but those other useful memories are currently in bits and pieces.

Ooooooo, cccccalm down!?
There are still other ways!

[Haa, haa…]

I took another bite of peachy and my cheeks loosen. (T.L The MC call the fruit as peachy poi~ so I translate it to peachy. Thanks for the suggestion.)
You are the only one who can heal my broken heart…

… OK. My previous memories are useless.
However, it still isn’t so bad as I did not forget memories essential for daily life.

Shaku… Mogu~mogu~ (T.L Sound effects of MC is chewing her peach)

I anxiously thought about the topic of magic I mentioned yesterday while grinding the fallen leaf with my small hands.
A normal magic would usually require chanting. I often see the main character of novels not needing to chant for magic activation.
It is should impossible for me… *Jyuru, mochamocha* (T.L Think of the MC gathering power. Until I find a better way to express it, make do with it now)

Should something be coming out?
Think about it! Feel it! Then, I even spoke like an old man.
… I felt it.
I stretched my tiny hand, and focus all my attention… *Sharishari* (T.L Another sound effect which I can’t translate)
In this way, light started gathering around my hand!
[Ooh!? It works! Alright!?]

After the dazzling light faded… from within that light came the fruits of the peach tree.
What appeared is the same thing as peachy that I always eaten.
If that is the case, make other type of fruits appear instead.

[One… one more time!]

In the end, the same results occur no matter how many times I tried.
There are more than 10 of those peach rolling next to my feet.


Frankly speaking… WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS Aaaaaah!!
What on earth is this… is the magic? Is this even considered an ability?
The magic ability to duplicate what you just eaten?

[Mou, would I be able to attack by throwing this?]

Haa… I sighed and attempted to throw peachy towards a tree.



A hole appears on the tree. There is a hole the size of a peach appearing on the tree.
If I look carefully, I could see a peachy boy buried deep inside the tree.
Just maybe… I attempted to punch the tree.



[Hi~kyun!] (T.L P.s all the sound effects in this novel is making me crazy… I have totally no clue how to translate them)

It hurts!

It seems the strong one is not me but peachy.

It felt like the other peachy at the side of my feet is mocking at me while saying [Baka, how do you feel now?].
I felt slightly agitated so I began eating peachy.

For the moment, the peach is my source of self-defense as well as my food…
Peachy is also extremely easy to get my hands on.

After that… I could only start training myself!
Just you wait, peachy! I will definitely become a man(?) that surpass you!

I pointed my finger towards peachy and make this decision.
Well then, there is a lot to be done. It is better to act now that I made my decision.

Let’s start with the basics and start training myself.
Fufufu… there are countless method of training taught in manga! Now is the chance to make use of this!

Next Chapter

T.L I hate translating all the sound effects…


12 thoughts on “Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 2

    1. Answering to your question:

      1) Yes, there is status screen but it will only first appear around chapter 14.

      2) I have not read that far.

      3) I would not call him dense but he just go with the flow for about everything.


  1. peachy poi~ … Peach-like, Peach-ish… Or are you going to translate it boy every time poi comes along? Poi is pretty much the go to ‘word’ for a thing (new thing) that is like a thing (old thing) but not the thing (old thing). Like a banana orange. It’s Banana-ish, but it’s an orange. Or is it the other way around? Anyway it’s banana-like and orange-ish.


    1. Yeah -poi implies it resembles other things so she says the fruit resemble peach since she is now not in earth and the fruits should also have other world name or it’s just seems like peach but completely different fruit in taste or texture.


      1. Oh right. I finally recall what it means when adding “-ぽい” behind an object. I kept thinking I am missing some important facts.

        Thanks for pointing that out.


  2. ……say, it’s just a pure curiousity, but she can duplicate anything she ate and it will become a lethal weapon, right?

    So if she give a blo— nevermind. I’m sorry. Nothing to see here.


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