Chapter 3

3rd Meal: Little elf girl’s magic training

Hello, I am elf desu.
Of course I still do not have a name.

During the whole of this month, I kept eating peachy… and trained energetically* at the same time. (T.L もりもり*, training with full energy and motivation)
Well then, there are actually many different kinds of training as shown in manga…

[Uoooooooo… fuhi~] (T.L MC is breathing in and out)

Breath in deeply! Then, take in an even deeper breath!

[As if this will work!! Ahhhhhh!!]

I attempted to try the breathing technique a certain vampire in one of the scene in a manga used to gather energy, but… it is just impossible! (T.L References to Jojo according to Pun-san)

However, the important thing is that I can differentiate what is impossible…

There are also other types of techniques such as gathering of my spiritual energy or releasing of inner energy. (T.L I do not understand this sentence)
I attempted to master all these techniques but to no avail.
As there is no other choice, I started training my body strength.

I repeated the cycle of running until I got tired, eating peachy and sleeping.
Speaking honestly, I do not know whether this helps increase my body strength.

This is because I am still a little elf girl.
I walked towards the nearby pond again to confirm my own appearance.

Reflected from the pond is a golden hair, blue eyed little girl that is about 3 years old.

The shape of my face is chubby like an infant.
And attached is a pair of long and big ears.

Am I the only one with drooping eyes?
I do not know as I have not seen other elves.
In my knowledge, elved should look cool with ears pointing upwards.

I have golden white straight hair. The hair length is currently up till my shoulder.
My skin is so white that it almost seems transparent.
Although I prefer dark skin, there would still be a high chance that some sort of encounter is waiting for me.

[I managed to avoid one death flag…]

It is totally different experiencing it yourself than just hearing and looking at it.
Furthermore… these pairs of dead eyes and thick eyebrow…
If I had black eye circle underneath my eyes, that would be the completion of a terrible person. (T.L I have a lot of trouble understanding the few sentences above)
Apart from these, I am quite satisfied with my looks…

[Of course I am still fully naked!!]

Being totally naked is the best!!!

There is no clothing… Even the raw materials are not found.
There is a period of time where I placed a piece of leaf between my crotch region.
However, the appearance is even more embarrassing after seeing my reflection with the pond and I stopped doing it afterwards.

It is not a problem now… As I am still just a little girl.
But one of these day, I will start growing breasts and the curvature of my bottom will appear. I will be labelled as a slut at that time.
I need to do something before that happens…

And there is another trouble.

[I am an elf, but I can’t use any magic…]

Although I could still create peachy!?
It felt different than a regular magic so I could not treat them as the same thing.
Ever since then, I simply could not use any magic no matter how much I struggled.
I am unable to create flame nor generate any wind, and as for water… there is no need to do it as long as I have peachy.
Maa… In order words, there is not even a single sign that I could use magic.

[What should I do…?]

Should I give up on magic?
Let’s just wait for another two months, and I would give it another consideration if there is still no sign of improvement.
I will try all sorts of technique now… no matter what is it, I should at least try it once.

Also… there is something strange… about this forest.

There is no sign of animals nor insects.

I only discover these 3 days after I became a little girl.
I only managed to calm myself enough then to observe the surroundings.

It will be extremely likely to be stung by insects if you are fully naked in a forest.
But it did not happen to me.
Even the cries of animals, smell or presence is missing.
It is also thanks to this that I managed to survive until now…

[But as expected, this is very strange]

No matter what, I would like to leave this forest soon before anything could happen.
Hence, I need the power to protect myself.
There is no issue by depending on peachy as my power.
But I would like to use that as my last resort.

[In other words… My own power, it is important to have my own power right?]

That’s right, I am of a fantasy race now…
Although I am still an elf little girl, I would still like to travel around the world.
I want to have an adventure freely.

[Just wait for me… all the gourmet around the world!]

I am approaching my limits eating only peachy.
I do not dislike it? Peach tasted delicious… but I do not know anymore.
It seems that it is full of nutrition so it would not cause nutrition imbalance. Peachy is great as expected!

… However, it still feels awfully having only one type of taste.

Hence… what I am holding on my hand now is a patch of grass that grew nearby.
I, intended to eat this.
Since even cow could eat grass, there is no problem for a human being like myself to consume it!
…Ah, I am an elf now. Maa~, don’t mind it.

[Let’s go! ….Mogumogu*] (T.L Chewing the grass)

Oh! This stimulating taste of spicyness… it is like pepper!
There is no mistake! This causes numbness of my tongue!
…This is something that is often put in unagi rice bowl!

This is a big discovery! It is my victory with this! With thissssssssssssss!?


I fall flat on my face.
What this going on? My body would not listen to me.
Unable to move… Eh? Don’t tell me.

[Pa… paralyzed?]

I messed up!
Hence, I lied faced down all the way until the morning of the second day.

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T.L End of Chapter 3



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  1. MC: Sick of one food. Try random grass. It’s tingly on my tongue like pepper (no that’s the poison). In any case, being able to produce more stuff is always better as long as it doesn’t kill or permanently damage you.


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