Chapter 4

4th Meal: Getting adapted

Oou… My eyes hurt.

I greeted the morning of second day while still kissing the ground.
Currently, I am washing my body in the river.
Fortunately, I recovered by the morning of the second day. It also seems like there is no other side effects.

[…Is this impossible? No, but…]

I looked at the grass I ate yesterday while carefully washing my own body.
Maa~, even if I said I am washing, all I am doing to touching my body with my fingers
Fuhehe, such a tender and smooth body! There is no part protruding at all! (T.L MC is basically saying he/she is flat chested)

I walked along the bank of the river and bathed in sunlight.
There is nothing that I could use to wipe my body dry… so I could only wait for it to dry naturally.

My days in the forest passed peacefully, and I also found a precious place here.
That is my favorite place, with a simple chair made by tree branches and twig placed here.

[Fuu… the sun is so nice…]

The warmth provided by the sunlight warmed my wet and cold body.
I took a bite of my self-created peachy. Shaku* (T.L Biting sound), jyukujyuku …gokun* (T.L sound of swallowing)


It was a moment of supreme blissful.
I took a side glance and saw the patch of grass I ate. It is the pepper flavoured grass.

Come on! Challenge me! … Afraid already? Hahaha.
… I have a feeling that the grass is mocking me.

[Bastard! I will destroy you]

Out of anger, I pulled out the grass and shove it into my mouth.
Mogumogu* (T.L Chewing sound)

[Guufu!] Whyyyyyy!

Maa~… in the end, the result is the same as yesterday?
However, I think I recover from paralysis faster than yester.
Perhaps this is your so called adaptation.
Well then… Just how many times must I eat these grass to conquer them…?

[Fufufu… it is my victory!]

One more week has passed in order to defeat these fellows…

Maa~, I also attempted to eat various stuff after that.
I have stomachache after eating some mushroom growing on a tree. On a side note, those mushroom tasted like avocado.
I also got drunk after eating tree bark which tasted like whiskey!

There is no decent food around.
But it is quite interesting to taste unexpected flavours while eating.
However… not all side effects at so simple.

A while back, I became petrified after eating soil!
Farmers also used soil to plant their crops so I thought it would be alright eating them!
Ah, speaking of which, the soil tasted similar to curry.

[I must absolutely conquer…]

I threw away my magic training and focused solely on eating everything.
And after a year later… I conquered the entire forest.

[Wahaha! There is nothing that I could not eat in this forest!]

Beneath my feet, there is a mountain of things that could not be called food ingredient.
However, I could eat all.
After a hard and painful battle, sometimes even getting lost in the forest.
Although I managed to climb onto trees, I do not know how to climb down in the middle of my adventure.

…Nn? Something seems strange?

I was surely training for the sake of improving my physical strength. This should be my goal.
So how does it turn out this way?
Uwaaaaa… what is with my appetite.

One whole year passed just like this.
Maa~, it is good to just slowly recognize the fact that one year have passed.
There is also only one season in this forest.
The temperature is always the same ever since I realize that I came to this forest as an elf.

If I have to give myself an excuse, it is because this area has a tropical climate.
Hence, my sense of time is lost…
In other words, … I do not care about this anymore.

Maa~, let’s go find the ingredient for food. Did my physical strength improve?
I want to have a meal now as I am hungry!

What should I make for dinner?
… Although I said that, my meal is just simply combining different ingredients together.

And the ingredient is…

Something that looked like potatoes… This is my favorite ingredient.
Speaking of its side effects… it is something that would make me horny.
However, it is meaningless as I am still just a little girl!

Next is adding some soil to make curry flavor.

Finally, I added some white flower and it actually tasted like salt! I posed in a victory pose the moment I discover this.
Suddenly, I lost all vision… it seems the side effects of this is lowering your sight.
I was slightly panicking that time but I still managed to conquer it.

Finally, I reach the standard of cooking.
I can make curry flavoured potatoes-like dish now?
Let’s do it then! I break apart the potato-like ingredient, sprinkle some white flowers and finally generously covered it in soil.

[Oou, it’s done!]

… Judging from its appearance, it might possibly be the worse looking food.
But, this is not a problem… let’s eat!

[Well then, itadakimasu!]

Mosha…Mogumogu… gokun! (T.L Chewing and swallowing)

[Fuhehe… I finally did it… curry flavoured potatoes!!]

Oooh! I started dancing freely while shouting happily.
I managed to survive in this forest! I did it! There is nothing to be afraid of!

… No wait.
Why, do I keep living here?
I stared blankly at my hand holding a lump of soil covered potatoes-like thing… and sighed.

[My sensation is getting numbed…]

And on the next day, I decided to finally walk out of the forest.
I want to live like a real human…
No, like an elf, and as an adventurer… I would leave this forest!
Then, I started walking to looked for the exit of this forest.

T.L End of chapter 4


19 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Thank you very much.
    Was surprised to see her eating soil… after all, she has past memories and knows that soil is not a degradable / digestible item.


    1. Well in the real world people do sometimes get the urge to eat soil though it seems to be connected to nutrient deficiencies particularly iron… Perhaps those “peaches” aren’t as nutrient rich as she seems to have thought…


  2. WTF? Who spends a year in a forest eating random things that cause various side effects? She’s lucky none of it was deadly. It seriously took a year for her to finally decide to try and find human habitation.

    Don’t misunderstand though, I find this all highly entertaining 😁


  3. Question: Can the various food she makes be eaten in addition to being an inexplicably deadly-hard projectile? In which case, it can change states from food, to weapon, and maybe back to food again depending on what it senses magically?


  4. I wonder if there are no things in that forest since everything seems to have an abnormal status effect. And when she said she was petrified from soil, does that mean turned to stone kind, or a different kind of paralysis? Surprising that she is able to come back from all of this stuff, although that might be due to a passive effect of her magic (or is it some kind of ability/skill that can be used infinitely with no energy cost?).


    1. Err she basically turned into a stone. Like when u look into a medusa eye.

      You will know why she has such high resistance in later chapter


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