Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 5

T.L A short chapter that I want to quickly get it done with.

5th Meal: The goddess of the forest

Currently, I am heading towards a certain location in preparation for leaving the forest.
I found this place during the time when I was wandering around looking for food ingredients.

This place is probably the center for the forest.
There are signs of logging done by humans around this area.
And in the center sits a large statue of a dragon.

I received a huge shock the first time I saw the status.


I cried out strangely that time and … sprain my waist.
The dragon is in a posture of wanting to [eat me alive].
…However, it does not move, and it is indeed a stone statue after looking at it closely.

[Fuu… getting so scared just looking at me, you will be long dead if I am real?]

As my bottom hits the ground, I did not forget to imitate how the dragon would sound. I am so amazing.
However, I finally at long last found a man-made object. Thus, it means that in this world…
I can throw out my theory that I am the only person in this world… No I still could not fully conclude this.
Even now, I have not seen any living being besides me.

The fortunate thing about discovering the statue is that I have someone whom I can talk about my daily progress to.
As I am so lonely being all alone, this is considered one of the way to ease my boredom.
I treated the statue as god of the forest and worshipped it.

Hence, I intended to tell the goddess that I am leaving the forest today.
I walked along the route that I am all familiar with… And in front of me is the dragon god sitting silently.
It looked so dignified…

With six huge wings… and six coarse horns.
And a tail that look very strong covered in dragon scales.
Above all, it’s face is extremely dignified and I am just scared looking at its fang.
Furthermore, so big… just how tall it is? About 18 meters?
It is as tall as a certain mobile suit?
It is even taller than all the surrounding trees, so it is very eye-catching…

I walk near to the foot of the god and pray.

[Kamisama… I intended to leave this forest today. Although there are various reasons, the most important reason is that I want to see the world outside]

After thinking of all the recent event… I realize that there is not a single decent thing that happened to me!?
What is this? Becoming a fully naked little girl? Beside peachy, all other food ingredient I ate were trying to kill me!?
After thinking of the benefits this forest brought for me… there is none.
I could survive anywhere as long as I have peachy… peachy sensei is the best.

[Ah… that’s right…Maa~, it is also thanks to kamisama that I could survive until now. Thank you very much]

I bow my head. Speaking for which, it is not good if I do not do it properly.
I bow once, second, skip the third and fourth and bow on the firth. (T.L Look at the comments below from Pun-san for explanation)

[Well then, I will be going]

After I bow one last time, I began to leave that place and prepare to walk out of the forest.


There is a sound of something metallic.

This is such a nostalgic sound.
I look over at the source of the sound… and saw a pendent over there.
Is that meant for me?

As this is a fantasy world… I guess there is such a thing.
Let’s go save the world! Some would even do it for 50G I guess.
But for me, I would never do such a thing! Maa~… let’s just leave that to those who want to do it.

[Thank you very much. Well then…]

I wore the pendent with 8 gorgeous stones with emblem carvings over my neck and left the forest.

After a while of walking… what appears in front of me is the exit out of the forest.

In front of me… is a wide patch of meadow, vast blue sky and cool breeze…
The scenery is like that of a fantasy world.

The air tasted so delicious.
The sky is so blue!

I did not move for a moment as I was so touched.

[So amazing…]

What came out from my mouth is the word I often used.
However, that is also my honest opinion.

But I just discovered one grave matter.

[I am still fully naked!] (T.L You are now a naked loli wearing a pendent)

What should I do for tomorrow!?

T.L End of chapter 5


9 thoughts on “Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 5

  1. The bow counts is a pay of respect on shrines, this is a copy paste on Japan National Tourism Organization:

    At the altar, bow twice, clap your hands twice, and then bow once to pray.
    ・Quietly throw in a “saisen” coin into the “saisenbako” offering box. The “saisen” coin is an offering to the deity.

    ・Ring the bell to greet the deity. (If there is no bell, omit this step)

    ・Bow twice. (2 bows)

    ・Clap your hands twice. This clap has the same meaning as a hand clap to express happiness or appreciation. It expresses your joy of meeting with the deity and respect towards the deity. (2 claps)

    ・With your hands still together, express your feeling of gratitude in your mind without speaking.

    ・Bow one more time. (1 bow)

    *The number of bows and handclaps may differ at some shrines


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