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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 3 Part 1

Hi guys, I have not forgotten about this series. Just that I am starting to get lazy to translate recently… Anyway the first image for this novel is out! Ferris sure is cute ~

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Chapter 3: First time

When Ferris regained her consciousness, she realised that she was lying on a bed after opening her eyes.

A ceiling that is pure white in colour. It is different from the usual grey coloured coal wall she is used to seeing.

Furthermore, the object that she is lying on is not the thin straw mattress that she always used in the coal mine, but a soft bed instead.

She felt as though she was lying on a fluffy cloud which gently wrapped around her small body.

(Still… in the middle of a dream…?)

Ferris felt troubled.

There is a cute lamp providing illumination on the ceiling and an expensive looking table near the bed. Ferris has never seen or heard of such a beautiful room in her life.

However, her consciousness is clear and everything she saw is so detailed so she knew this is not a dream but reality.

Just how did it turn out this way. Ferris tried recalling her memory before she lost her consciousness.

[Oh, you woke up]

A golden haired young lady opened the door and entered the room.

This young lady, if Ferris remember…

[That… you are…]

[Alicia. Alicia Gutenbelt. What is your name?] (T.L Her name is Alicia and not Alice. Edited my mistake from chapter 2) (T.L.2アリシア・グーデンベルトsuggestion for name are welcome)

[Aah, I am, Ferris desu!]

Ferris jumped out of her bed in panic in order to greet her, but her head felt dizzy instead. She was unable to stand properly so Alicia immediately went and stopped her.

[You shouldn’t move so suddenly. Probably due to using such a strong magic, you collapsed as your body could not handle the load. In other words, you have not recovered yet]

[Magic…? Me…?]
Ferris was in a state of confusion.

She knew of the existence of magic. But this is a power that only a chosen few people could use. Her masters were always discussing topics about magic and kept criticizing those magicians. However, voices of envy were mixed in. Still, this is a topic that is completely related to Ferris.

[That right, you could use magic… To be honest, I still could not believe it but since I saw it right in front of my eyes, I have no choice but to accept it… your summoned beast]

[Summon… beast…] (T.L Ferris said Summon beast in hiragana while Alicia in Kanji)

Ferris recalled the matter regarding Leviathan.

An extremely violent and evil being that is covered in flames. No, she does not even know if that thing could be considered a living being and Ferris started to shiver in fear after its frightening appearance floated into her mind.

The golden haired young lady – Alicia grabbed hold of Ferris’s hand.

[Thank you… Ferris. Thanks to you, I did not get kidnapped by those guys. I am willing to do anything within my power to show my gratitude so please tell me what you want unreservedly]

Alicia’s bluish-green pupils stared straight at Ferris.

[E… no need, for thank you! Also I, did not help for reward! It is also a coincidence to help!] (T.L Imagine Ferris speaking childish)

Ferris was panicking.

That’s right, it was a coincidence.
If Leviathan did not appear, both Ferris and Alicia will be subjected to cruel treatment by the hooligans.
It is not my power. I am weak, I am only a slave, this is what Ferris was thinking about.

[That might be the case but still, please tell me any of your wish. I could not let go of this without showing my gratitude]

Alicia started speaking passionately while holding Ferris’s hand tightly.

Looking at her filthy black hand being held by a lady with beautiful clean hand, Ferris felt embarrassed. Towards someone so different from her, she did not know how to react.

Without letting go of her hand, Ferris desperately began to think of her wish.

[T, that, that…]
And at that time, a dignified voice from a woman could be heard from the corridor.

[Before that, I believe it would be better for our guest to take a bath]

Looking over, she saw a woman standing in the corridor with a stern expression on her face. She was wearing a dress with frills and her hair was tied with pretty decorations.

Ferris does not know what a maid uniform is so she does not know that the woman is a servant. She only felt (a scary person…). Of course Ferris had no way of knowing that the woman is the head maid.

Alicia nodded.

[Now that you mentioned it, that is the case. A girl should not be like this! Well then, let’s go!]


Holding hands with Alicia, Ferris was bought out of the room.

[Alicia-sama!? Please let the maids take care of the guest!]

The head maid frantically tried to stop Alicia but she has no intention to stop.

[I cannot do that! I will take care of my benefactor personally!]

[Th, that, I, where…?]

Ferris could not predict what will happen to her so she felt fear towards the oujo-sama that pulled her along.


The place Ferris was bought to was a wide room.

The floor was made from marble, and a big pool of puddle could be seen in the middle.
No, from the steam raising from the water, that is probably hot water.
There are statues of unknown beasts at the edges of the puddle and hot water was flowing non-stop from the statue.

[This place is…?]

Alicia spoke to the stunned Ferris.

[For bathing. I will begin to clean you properly from now on. There seems to be a lot of dirt on you]

[Bathing…? Things such as bathing, what is that…?]
[Eh…? Bathing is, bathing?]

[What should I do….?]

[Isn’t it just to wash your body?]

[Why must we wash our body? Do I need to stand in front of the statue to bath?]

[What are you talking about…?]

Alicia raised her eyebrow.

[Although I think it is impossible… you have not washed your body even once until now… you won’t say that right?]

[I might not have wash, but…]

*Crack*, there seems to be the sound of something breaking coming from Alicia.

[Waitttt, is that true!? I cannot believe you! I really cannot believe you! You, are a girl right!?]

[I am probably a girl…]

[If that is the case, you must bath every day! This is a habit all girls must have! Do you understand!?]

[Do, do not understand…]

Ferris answered while being frightened.

Although she was told it is a habit for a girl, there were no girls interacting with her until now. She has not even met other children of the same age so she does not know what she has to do.

Alicia sighed.

[There is no other way… Although I felt apologetic for you. Let me wash you, take off everything, take off everything now!]

A shriek could be heard from Ferris.

Alicia suddenly took off Ferris torn and tattered clothes. And then Ferris was standing fully naked, and started backing off from Alicia while shivering.

[W, wwwwwwhat are you doing!?]

[What am I doing? It’s just entering the bath so we have to take off our clothes. Because we are both girls so there is nothing to be ashamed of!]

Alicia took off her beautiful dress and doesn’t seem embarrassed revealing her naked body.

Pure white skin, there is not even one speck of dirt on her body.

And a perfect figure.

It is perfect no matter where you look and Ferris has trouble knowing where to look.

Then, she compared it with her small and petit body and felt embarrassed. She unconsciously tried to hide her body with both her arms.

[Well then, let’s begin bathing?]

Alicia guided Ferris into the huge bathroom.

She used a bucket and poured hot water over Ferris’s head, made bubbles on Ferris’s head with shampoo and began washing her hair.

Some of the shampoo fell into Ferris eyes so she could not help but cried.

[Ah!? So, so painful!]

[You should not open your eyes. Close your eyes when we are washing your hair]
[A, alrighttt…]

Ferris tightly shut her eyes after being told so by Alicia.

Alicia’s slender fingers massaged on every corner of Ferris’s head which made her feel comfortable. After all her tension is gone, Ferris leaked out a voice [Haaa…].

Alicia repeated the cycle of pouring hot water over Ferris’s head and washed her hair multiple times.

After the job of washing her hair was completed, it was her body next. Lathering a small cloth with body soap, Ferris’s body was rubbed. As Ferris felt odd with this feeling, she protested many times but Alicia did not allow it.

She did not know how long has passed.

After Ferris’s body was scrubbed all over by the oujo-sama, she came out of the bathroom with little energy.

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