Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 7

T.L Enjoy chapter 7. I will try to translate more frequently. But no hard promise ~

7th Meal: Inheritance

Currently… I am using all my strength, trying to carry the bodies of the dead.

Spirit-chan requested this of me yesterday.
Since she is a spirit, she could not touch physical objects as she would only pass through them.
It sure is inconvenient being a spirit.

[Haah, haah… do it, I can do it] (T.L Not exactly sure how to translate this sound effect properly)

This is tiring! As there are dead bodies all around the village, I have been running around trying to gather them.
And finally… after working for three days, I managed to gather all the bodies lying around the village into the center of the village.
Well~ It was hard work! But I am great! I worked extremely hard!

After completing this request, it was already night time.
Well~, as I did a lot of work today… so (Nourishment)

[Fui~…Peachy sensei! Welcome]

I started creating peachy from my hand.
Just wait for me… The peachy which I always said was delicious appeared from a dazzling light.
I immediately started eating. Taking a bite, chewing it… and swallowing it!

[After a day of work, this feeling is the best…]

I placed one hand on my back and said an uncle-like statement.
… In actual fact, my soul is that of an uncle so there should be nothing wrong with this?

[Well, well… for some reason, I feel that statement is something only a middle age uncle would say]

… Suddenly, a hand appears and rubbed my head. The owner of that hand is Eltina, who came over to talk to me.
I felt a cool sensation being transmitted onto my head.
There is no helping it since she is a spirit?

[Probably, I think this is… all of it]

Eltina-san looked slightly lonely while she thanked me as she smiled faintly.
Maa~…this is natural seeing the bodies of her companions.
Actually, Eltina is also one of the dead and became a spirit now.

[…Well then, we should make a grave and bury them]

I looked at Eltina’s face and nodded.

[Well…then, since you completed my request, I must give you a reward]

Eltina-san placed her hand on top of my head and started gathering an unbelievable amount of energy.

Uwaaaaa!? Will it be alright!?
Surely this is not… [You got tricked!? Stupid! Activating cross thunder!]

Too bad! Your adventure ends now! …Ah, it won’t not turn out like that, right?

[…From now on, my knowledge and magic, you will inherit them]

Three day ago, I roughly explained my circumstance.
From the matter of me leaving the forest, to me not being able to use magic and also having no memories… I told her all of it.

Also the matter of me not having a name. Being naked… I am naked because of various circumstances.
Since I will see her every night, it would be extremely inconvenient not having a name.
I decided to name myself Nanashi.

[Nanashi-chan… are you alright? Is it painful?… Actually, this is also my first time using this magic]

…. Will there be any problem?

[The first time… and also my last time using this magic. I will definitely succeed!]

Not long after, my head was surrounded by a vortex of light.
The light slowly approached my head… and entered.

Fuoooooah!? What is that!?

Knowledge that I never knew about including this world’s magic, language as well as information regarding this world. There are various kinds of information.
Then… information regarding Eltina-san, from her birth until her death.
All the experience that she went through… ooh, it’s super hard.

Then… all the secrets thoughts she kept in her heart… I also inherited it.

[…With this, the inheritance is completed]

After the inheritance was completed, Eltina-san’s… tears started flowing.

[Sorry… Nanashi-chan. Regarding this magic, not only my knowledge, you also inherited my memories. All those memories must be unpleasant]
Aah, feeling of unhappiness.
Those bastard that Eltina hated to the core, I must punish them if I find them.
I will do my best to achieve it, peachy sensei.

[It is alright, there is no problem… Eltina-san]

I used… and clearly it is, this world language to reply.
With this, there are no problem with communication! Myself, I did it!

[That is great, the magic succeeded without a problem…]

This time…Eltina-san breathed with a sign of relief.
Then, she told me this.

[Well then… it is about time for me to leave this world]

[Eh.. are you really leaving?]

Eltina-san nodded sadly.
However, there are no longer any signs of regret in her eyes.

[The matters chaining me to this world, have all been resolved by Nanashi-chan…]


Eltina-san nodded her head and continued speaking.

[Un,un… I am already dead. I have already been dead for 5 years now… so it would not be strange for me to become an evil spirit]

Eltina’s body gradually started fading until I could not see her at all.
She really achieved enlightenment!?
Although the time is short, I have been in your care.
This makes me unwilling to part with her, but it will be cruel if I wished for more.
That… such a terrible experience.
Facing such a cruel matter, there is no way I have any solutions.

…Ah, I remembered! There is one thing I did not inherit.
I attempted to talk to Eltina-san which has already started disappearing.

[Eltina-san! I… do not have a real name. Eltina-san, your name… could I… inherit it?]

Yes, name.
I do not have a name.
I hate deciding my own name as I do not have any feelings for such a name.

Hence… please let me inherit the name of the one that is leaving this world…
I… felt that Eltina-san was watching me once again

[Thank you very much… thank you very much… from now on, you name is Eltina Ranford Etil]

I smiled happily as tears flowed from my eyes. The previous owner of the name, Eltina, really disappeared this time.

Although… we only interacted for a short three days.
However, this… to me, is also an important three days.

Looking at the sky, I saw that it is filled with stars.
I hoped.
That the previous Eltina, could have a long and peaceful slumber.


I am an elf.
My name is Eltina Ranford Etil
I inherited the name, knowledge, magic and memories of the previous Eltina.

T.L End of chapter 7.

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    1. Probably because the Magic and Knowledge is a part of the memory and thus to get the magic and knowledge, she had to transfer the memories associated with the corrosponding knowledge.

      Also, i would call it more of a “incarnation” rather than “reincarnation” since the ghost isn’t “rebirthed” but rather that The mc is now the “embodiment” of all that Eltina was.


  1. Thank you for the new chapter. I’ve been really looking forward on what was coming next for the little elf. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  2. That’s an interesting way to kickstart the series instead of going through her trying to learn all the basic common sense stuff


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  4. MC says she can’t use magic (prior to the “inheritance ceremony” she gets from ghost Eltina), so what does that make her “food magic?” Would it be more of a “skill” that lets her make whatever she has eaten instead of a unique magic?


  5. I really thought the ghost would haunt her forever as some sort of comic relief character.

    She’s handling the memories of being murdered, tortured and gang raped far too well. There’s no way those memories feel like her own in any way whatsoever. Well, not unless the author is utterly incompetent, or the impact simply hasn’t hit her yet anyway.


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