Chapter 12

This chapter is delicated to Yann-sama for his generous donation

12th Meal: Eleanor Curie’s Past

Today, I am also energetically doing treatment with my full concentration!

There are seriously too many people with injuries. *Smile bitterly*
Currently, I have finished treating close to 200 patients… but it does not seem like the number decreased at all.
Just what has happened on the frontline?

[Well then, the next person, quickly take a seat]

In this manner, I quickly handle the treatment so as to prevent a queue from forming at the back.
Moreover, other healers around me looked exhausted even though it has not reach afternoon.
There are also many patients today.

[… It seems that the frontline collapse so the defense line is moved to the back]

And… Eleanor showed a slightly difficult expression while talking.
This is why there are so many injuries…

[However… we finally collected enough magic power to do the hero summoning. With this… the war would probably end soon]

I, I see. I also feel extremely grateful regarding this development.
I accepted this task thinking it was easy… but I seriously underestimated it.
The amount of magic power I have is so enormous that I have yet to experience the phenomenon related to running out of power.
Despite this, I would still feel tired as my body accumulate fatigue caused by continuously casting heal.
Luckily, I could recover my stamina after a day of sleep.

However, my personal time would also decrease if there are too many people with injuries.
The only personal time I have is the short period of time before I sleep.
Hence, I currently do not even have the leisure to use the salary I am given.

Speaking of which, my daily salary is 4 pieces of small gold coin and 1 piece of large silver coin.
I was told that the salary of an average citizen is 15 large gold coin.

The currency includes 3 types of copper coin, silver coin and gold coin respectively.
Using copper coin as an example, the copper coin can be further categorized into the small copper coin, the medium copper coin and the large copper coin
Including the silver coin and gold coin, there are 9 types of coins that is usually used.

Furthermore, these coins could be used in any country in this world. It is convenient!
Let’s use Japanese Yen to explain the value of the money.

The value of coins is accordance to its size, with the smallest copper coin being equivalent to one yen, the medium size one being five yen and the largest size being 10 yen.
Coins of different sizes also have different design that are carefully crafted on them.

Similarly, silver coin of different sizes has a value of 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen respectively…
Gold coin are valued at 1000 yen, 5000 yen and 10,000 yen respectively.
It seems that special notes would be use for even larger denominator.
Probably, I would never touch those in my lifetime so I will omit its explanation.

Having said that, my daily salary is four small gold coins and one large silver coin.
It is equivalent to 4500 yen if we convert it to Japanese Yen. (T.L roughly 45 USD)
It is quite splendid for children to earn so much!

However… the coin is very small so it is easy to lose it. I should be careful about it.

In this world… there are many similarities to my original world.
There are four seasons, 365 days in a year and 30 days in a month.
The unit for distance ranges from ‘mm’ to ‘km’, while the unit for weight ranges from ‘g’ to ‘tons’.
It’s unbelievable that it is similar to such extent… but I could not complain since it is convenient.

And now, the process of doing the treatment, eating meals and sleeping repeated for 3 months.
Those new healers also became proficient with using healing…
However, their magic capacity still did not improve as much. Hence, most of them could not continue working past noon.
It takes a long time to treat everyone since I am doing it alone now. Fukyun!

[I’m finally finished, now I could take it easy]

I regenerate a portion of the missing arm on one injured adventurer.
[Hurry up and return to your room and sleep], I told the adventurer and slap his butt.

[I do not have much time on hand! Leave immediately after your treatment!]

Despite repeatedly saying this, there are still some fellows saying a bunch of gratitude which seriously troubled me.
I could understand their feelings but I would be able to treat 3 more patients during the time I have to listen to their words of gratitude.

[… Although Saint-sama said that you would remain her until the hero defeat the demon lord…]


Eleanor-san started talking to me while I am treating a soldier who is missing a leg.

[What do you plan to do after that?]

Her expression showed that she is serious.
Un, she seems to be truly worried about me… let’s give a non-offensive reply.

[I think I will be traveling around the world]

I also add on another point, which is that I am finally born as a race with a long life span.
[I…I see], Eleanor reply but still appears to be worrying about something.
U~n, just as I thought, she is behaving strangely.

I asked her about her worries some time ago, but she just said [There is nothing wrong]
…Fukyun… It would be great if that really is the case.


POV Changed

3 months has passed ever since Saint-sama started her practical training.

We have already fallen into the state where we would be unable to cope with the patient’s treatment without Saint-sama’s power…
Unfortunately, there are still casualties appearing. Saint-sama work without resting even a single day.
She work diligently without voicing any words of complain, and just silently continuing with her work.
Although she is still extremely young, she works harder than any of the other adults.
This is all because, we adults are so worthless…

I told Saint-sama about the collapse of the frontline and the summoning of the hero.

Saint-sama appears to feel happy about the hero summoning… but there are cases where hero summoning will fail.
I did not tell Saint-sama about this fact…

There is also one such hero that appears in the past:
[The price for dealing with the demon lord will be allowing me to lay my hands on any women I like in this country], and went to fight the demon lord after saying that.

In the end… the hero managed to defeat the demon lord, and violated many women in the country as he pleased afterwards.
The country could not tolerant his excessive action and activated the military to suppress the hero. The hero however has overwhelming power and destroyed all 15,000 troops in less than half a day.

A hero possesses such an overwhelming power.

From then on… until the hero die of old age, the females struggles with the hero could finally come to an end.

Furthermore, it is impossible to fight against the demon lord without summoning the hero.
From what I heard, the demon lord is also someone that is summoned from another world.
A being summoned from another world possess frightening physical and magical strength.
Moreover, they even have god-like abilities.
Like me, ordinary people like me could never hope to resist against their power.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… the only way to deal with a summoned being is with another summoned being.
From what I heard, the hero summoning will commence three day later.
I hope the summoned hero is someone kind.


This occurs in the evening and after today treatment is done. I finally meet with the person I that I missed greatly.

[Hello, Eleanor. We have not meet for a long time. How are you doing?]

[It’s been five years… Futta-sama]

(T.L Author Sketch of Futta)

Baron Futta Etarunia Yugi.
I first met him 10 years ago.
It was at a time when I was just a beginner healer.

Our first meeting was in the guild when I was looking for a temporary party to hunt a killer bear.
I wanted to gain some experience as I just started as a healer and I was being extremely rush at that time.

Killer bear is a ferocious bear that is 2 metres tall.
It frequently appears near human settlements, so parties will be formed at fixed intervals to subjugate them.

It is considered the gate to success for a newbie adventurer, as you would be recognized as a full-fledged adventurer if you complete the subjugation.

We were breaming with confidence as we headed towards our destination.
After reaching our destination, we discover a killer bear.
And such situation occurs when we were about to engage the killer bear.

Our temporary party consists of 8 members and is considered a big party.
It is considered rare for a temporary party to have so many members…
The party however, collapsed instantly.
A killer bear is a creature that is rank D in threat level.
And at that time… our party is made up of all D rank except me, who is E rank.

I strongly believe that we could win with the 8 of us.

However, upon seeing the killer bear, three of our frontline warrior immediately ran away like an rabbit escaping from a predator for some reason.

Those of us that were left behind were stunned at the sudden turn of events. Our magician then received a direct attack from the bear, and die after having his head eaten.

We were planning to retreat for the time being, seeing that we are unable to win a direct confrontation.
However, another killer bear then appears and block our path of retreat.
Furthermore, this killer bear is even bigger than the initial one.
We are unable to handle even one killer bear and now even a second one appears. We were facing great despair.


I felt a sensation of my panty becoming wet.
I peed myself due to fear. Such shameful thing even happened.

That guy however, protected those of us that were left behind.
He rushes into the two killer bear alone.
I am still unable to forgot about his heroic figure up until now.

The killer bear is unable to react to his fast movement.
The weapon he used is a [Dagger] – Those dagger with blades that are curved at the tip.
And he defeated the killer bear soon after.

He then proceeds to carry me after defeating the two killer bear.
He smiles dreamily at me and said [Let’s go back]. Furthermore, this is the so called princess carry.
Although I told him about my accident and that he will [Get dirty].
However, he just plainly refuted me and said [You only can’t walk because of the shock. Nothing else happens].
I let him carry me as he please afterwards.

We saw the body of the three warrior that escaped later on.
I was told that they were murdered in order to seal their mouth.
According to the rumours I heard, it seems that someone was acting behind the scene and wanted to harm Futta-sama.

We then formed a party and went adventuring together.

Our companion also increases… but all the of them are female for some reasons.
We went harvesting for hard to find medical plants, subjugate demons and even managed to defeat a dragon at the end.

Although he wanted to hide the matter regarding the dragon subjugation, it still got revealed to the public after various stuff happened.
He accepted the title of baron and inherited the land in Etarunia from the country.

Of course, having a land and becoming a baron means that he need a successor.
All the females in his party became his wife, and I heard that the battle for the position of first wife is extremely fierce.

I started to keep my distance from him before all this happened.
One of the reason might be due to the teaching of Maius church, but the main reason is my lack of confidence… to marry him.

Despite how I look, I possess strong desire to monopolise him.

When I think see him having fun with other women… that… once I think about his night life with other women…
Hence I rejected him when he told me [Let’s live together from now on]
I cried silently that night…

But I successfully become a priest since then and live a hectic life.
And I even met such a cute and little Saint-sama.

[You still look as beautiful as ever… you must receive countless invitation for a date?]

He still jokes with me. He has been like this ever since we met.

[Unfortunately, I have to take care of Saint-sama so I do not have the time to do other stuff]

I still refute him… like how I did in the past.
I used to love him so much…


POV changed

Oi… who is that guy? Who is that man that is being over familiar with my Eleanor?
Currently, I am observing the guy that is talking so imitate with my Eleanor.

Causally tying his long black hair with a string…
Hey you, what type of man ties a ponytail!
Only a girl tying a ponytail will stand out, you fool!
Hmph, let’s stop caring about him.
It will not get any more interesting looking at a man! And his appearance is plain! Plain!
A man with a gentle atmosphere that is neither thin nor fat! This is the end of my explanation!

[Heh, so you are the rumoured Saint-sama?]

He placed his hand before me and said [Please take care of me], so I tried to crush his hand with all my might.


It seems that he did not receive any damage. Dammit….

I kept staring at his ever smiling face.
Is this fellow heart coated with steel or something?
Despite thinking for a while, I immediately lost my interest. Fukyun!

Rather than him, having a meal is more important!
Although the two of them are still talking, I do not care about what they are saying!
Eat this! My sonic wave!!


The soundwave emitted from my stomach successfully stop the conversation between the two.
It’s effective! (Evil laughter)

[Are~are~, is Saint-sama hungry?]

[Please excuse me…], Eleanor bowed her head and left with me.
[I am also sorry for taking your time] the man said this and left.

It seems he said something to me while I passed by him but that is of no importance!
What is important now is having a meal! My stomach is hungry after doing treatment from morning till night!

Miranda’s boobs are waiting… no, her omurice is waiting for me!

I ran towards the canteen excitedly.
Ah, keep it a secret that I tripped on the way. Fukyun!

T.L End of chapter 12.


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