Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 14

TOC for Kuishinbo Elf

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14th Meal: Hero Summoning

It smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell!!!!!
This fellow really smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell!!!
This fellow is giving off an intense smell of ‘reincarnation cheater’.

As always, I am eating the omurice in the canteen.
Then, I asked Eleanor-san regarding the fellow known as Futta…
There is no mistake! This fellow really inherited some cheat!

Giiiiiiiiii… I can’t accept it. I really can’t accept it!

Moreover, what is he doing!?
After defeating a dragon and becoming a noble, he even married many women and focus on making babies!!

Dammit! Go and explode now!! Haha…

Maa~, I could not say my feelings out and just frowned angrily.
Eleanor-san would occasionally squirm her body shyly whenever she mention him and will say things like [Iya~,Iya~!]
It is fortunate that Eleanor-san has not fallen into his evil clutches.
That’s all good now… I will not permit such things to happen from now on.

I will put a curse on him which will make him kick the edge of a table with his small toe.
Curse registered! Go, my curse! Fukyun!!

As Eleanor-san keep talking, the topic suddenly became her love story with him.
She immediately changed her topic once she noticed my frowning.

I was told that Futta came to the capital in order to attend the hero summoning ceremony.
It seems that he usually stays in Etarunia to govern the place.

…Speaking of hero, I wonder what type of fellow would be summoned.

[Saint-sama would also be attending the hero summoning ceremony. It is a direct invitation from the king]

[Me too?]

[That’s right. Because you are Saint-sama, your status is even higher than those low ranking nobles]

What… did you…say!?
I was told a shocking new! I am so important!! …But so what if that is the case.

My nature does not suit… holding power or authority. I would prefer to be free and do as I please.
I do not wish to be given any power or social position.
As I was absorbed into thinking about the concept of human society… like what a smelly old man would do, it became time for me to go to bed.
Talking with Eleanor-san took longer than I expected.

Eleanor-san persuaded me to sleep early as I am still a growing child.
The current time is 20 00hr. It is only 8pm. It’s too early…

I returned to my room and continue my training, as well as eating peachy sensei.
Then, I climbed into my bed.
It seems that the hero summoning ceremony would commence 3 days from now.
From now till then, there would still be a large number of patient waiting for me to treat…
I fall into deep sleep while I was thinking of such a matter. Fu~ Fu~, Zzz… Zzz…

And 3 days later, it is finally time for the hero summoning ceremony.
I held hands with Eleanor-san and entered the castle. It really has been 3 months since I came to the capital.

After being labeled as a saint, I met and greeted the king once.
I was then trapped in the healer association and kept doing treatment daily.
The king probably already forgotten about me. I was think about such a matter as I walk.

While we were heading towards the [Summoning chamber], a noble stopped our path.
Is he 30 years old? He is a fat man with gold colour hair.
For a moment, I almost thought that a pig is walking on two legs.
I felt that a pig even looks better than him? It seems that his servant has to support him and his lump of fats for him to even walk.

And it seems that his eyes is licking all over Eleanor-san’s body.
I would not tolerate this wicked person!? Un…for…giv…able…!?

[Bufufu… your body is as great as ever… come and be my concubine? I would let you experience an out of this world pleasure]

You…Bufufu, is not a laughter made by human being!!
The castle soldier! This place is being invaded by a pig-like creature!!

[…It’s been a long time, Count Grassi Boarhan Langusten. I remember that I already decline being your concubine just recently]

[You are so cold… I would gladly welcome you if you ever change your mind alright?]

He then moved his line of sight toward me as he said that. Please don’t notice me!

[Oh… is this Saint-sama? How are you, Saint-sama?]

He laughed wickedly and seems like wanting to make a move on me.
Uooooo…!? I even got goosebump now!!

[This is… I looked forward to your future, Bufufu…]

Do not lick your lips while looking at me!!
This feels so disgusting!!

Eleanor-san judged that it would be a waste of time talking to him any further.
[Please excuse us], she quickly leads me away from that place.
Nice judgement! As expected of Eleanor-san…!!

[… Did your mood worsen? Saint-sama]

It seems that she is worried about me.

[Why is that pig roaming around in the castle?]

I replied her this way.

[Fuhahaha!], Eleanor-san simply laughed out.
It seems like I said something which makes her laugh.

[… I am sorry about that. I will give a warning to his owner]

She replied joking.

It seems that this noble did many horrible things to Futta and Eleanor-san.
As he is a upper class noble, they could not talk back at him so it is extremely troublesome.

After walking for a while, we finally reached the summoning room.
The guard standing before the room then opened the door and we proceed into the room silently.
All the important figures in this country has been gathered in this room.

The room for the [Summoning ceremony] is smaller and older than I thought.
The four walls are covered with red curtains but upon close inspection, I noticed that the curtains are quite worn down.
It seems that this is something that would be used for the hero summoning ceremony.

I observed the people that is gather here.
Maa~, I would not know anyone beside the king anyway.
… But unexpectedly, there are a few fellows that I recognized.

Delkett ojisan… the ikemen, and even the cheat reincarnator is here
… Oi!? What is Alphonse-Ossan doing in a place like this!?
He is not wearing his usual armour but a noble-like clothing instead.
It is a very stylish cloth. And it expectedly suits him.
This is probably something that he prepares to participate in this summoning ceremony…

[Oh? Eltina finally came]

This Ossan proceed to rustle my hair.
S~to~p i~t! My hair will become messy!!

[It’s been a while, Alphonse-sama]

[Oh, Eleanor is still as pretty as ever]

He speaks so carefreely.
After staring at Alphonse-Ossan, Eleanor-san gave a bitter smile and explain that Aphonse-Ossan is one of the few [S rank adventurer] in this world.

[This world is doomed…]

[Hey, you are exaggerating too much]

We continued conversing as per normal.
Even though I am shocked that he is a S rank adventurer, the fact that he is still an Ossan did not change.
We are still able to converse like usual so nothing changes.

Just like this, the time for the hero summoning finally came.

The magic circle that is drawn in the middle of the room started to gather magic power.
Not long after, a dazzling light is produced.
After the light gathers to maximum intensity, it dispersed like shooting star… and a human figure could be seen from within.

This is the moment when the hero is summoned into this world.

Kuishinbo elf chapter 14
(T.L The hero is summoned!)

T.L End of chapter 14.

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