Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 13

This chapter is dedicated to Step-sama, for his donation to this series

13th Meal: Reincarnator

My name is Futta Etarunia Yugi.

I… possesses something no one else has – memories of my past life.
I am your so called a reincarnator.

I used to be from a different world but was guided into this world by a goddess.
The goddess name is Maius.

She has pretty white hair and a beautiful face.
With splendid body figure, her gentle smiling would make one feel at ease.

Maius told me that I died at a young age of 20 due to accident.
The cause of my death is due to a flower vase falling on my head… that just how it is.

There is nothing to be surprised of since I have already die.
I just shrugged off my death but the goddess smile while looking troubled.

[You have two choices]

The first is to return to the cycle of life and death, and the other one is…

[Reincarnate into a different world?]

[That’s right], and Maius replied.

[Currently, human population is rapidly increasing in the world you are currently in. I believe that your world would be facing a crisis soon]

Just as she said, as human population increases, pollution to the environment will increase, forest would be logged more rapidly and the atmosphere would be destroyed at a fast pace.

The number of negative things that human being do to earth is countless.

[Hence… the topic of migrating the human in this world to another world came up in the goddess conference. We are actively migrating people]

Of course this occurs after death, she added.
[The current decreases of human population in Japan is due to this situation?]
[That’s right]
It seems that compared to other countries, the number of people migrating to another world is higher.
It seems like there are many people in Japan that like this sort of stuff…

[So what would you do? What would you choose?]

I choose reincarnating into another world without much hesitation. There is no way I would miss out on such an interesting situation.
Although there is still matters that I am concern with, however, it is good to start my life from the beginning.

[It seem you have quite the spirit ne~? Please remember the information that I am going to tell you]

Maa… it seems the information would be directly transmitted into my brain. The connection is starting.
The goddess gently touches my head, and a large amount of information suddenly appears in my head.

[This… this is!?]

[The world you are going to is Cantehill. On a side note, I am the one managing this world]

She told me while smiling.

[Additionally, I gave you a small gift and made all your ability S rank. You could choose to become unrivalled in this world, or you could also choose to live a quiet and peaceful life]

It felt that a bomb was suddenly dropped on me.

[This is a flag I would like to avoid!]
[The world you are going into is awfully noisy, so this level is just about right], and I was refuted. It there really no problem!?

Also, my memories would also be retained so I could use my knowledge wisely. That’s about it for the explanation.

[Well then, I will send you to Cantehill now. Have a good life…]

And that is the last thing I heard before I loses my consciousness.


And when I opened my eyes again, I became a baby. My parent is an ordinary couple that manages a shop that sell tools.
Thanks to my family being relatively well to do, I grew to adulthood without any problem.

I started my magic training, physical training as well as my swordsmanship since one years old. When I became 10 years old, my skills far exceed anyone from my age group.
As I am unrivaled, I decided to become an adventurer.
I want to know how strong I am battling against the strongest human and monster.

I told my parents about my wish to become an adventurer.
My parents just told me [Do as you like], and embraced me tightly.
I felt that the corner of my eyes becoming wet.

And on the morning of my fifteen birthday.
I left the village that raised me and headed towards the capital Philimichia.
I aimed to register as an adventurer with the guild.
When one became 15 years old, he would be treated as an adult and could officially register with the guild.

I successfully arrive at the capital and register with the guild. I accepted many quest.
And my rank raised to D soon after.
The commission board is pinned with a quest to subjugate killer bear.

At that time, I was already unofficially treated as an A rank adventurer by the guild and handled many high difficulties request.
If I subjugate the killer bear, I could officially rank up to C.

And in the temporary party was formed, I met Eleanor.
At that time, she just cut her beautiful gold hair to shoulder length.
It’s a very short cut.

In present day, she has a nice body that would make one shy to look at her.
However, her body was extremely flat at that time.
Just how did she managed to grow… it is still a mystery to me.

Although there were minor hiccups, we still managed to complete the request and rank up to C.
And then after…. I formed a party with Eleanor.

As we complete more quest, our rank also increases to B and our companion also steady increases.

Warrior Emil Lindo, a human.
She has pink hair that she tied behind her head link a bun. (T.L Like streetfighter – Chun Li hairstyle?)
She has strong and developed muscle and abs (Abdominal Muscles).
Despite this, her female traits are well developed and she is dressed as your standard female warrior.
Speaking of which, she also has a baby face.

Thief Uitta Mimir, a beastkin.
She belongs to the wolf race and has pretty silver shoulder length hair.
Her bangs are cut cleanly and is cute for a girl.
The unfortunate thing is… her body does not possess to much female traits.
It seems she especially like cute things and she always wear clothes that focuses on cuteness rather than sexiness.

And the last member is magician Loriette Smith, a human.
It seems that she is the daughter of a fallen noble.
Although she learned etiquette as she was born as a noble, she completely forgotten most of it since she does not have the chance to use it.
She has long and straight beautiful purple hair and a big ribbon with tied at the back of her head.
And her body does not have any excessive flaw, my ideal average and balanced body figure.
Paired with her good looks, she would definitely have many suitors if her family did not fall.

The three above are our new companion.
We participate in many small scale raids and union. Our bond slowly deepens and we could complete any request no matter how hard it is as long as all of us are together.

And three years have passed since then, and the guild put up many subjugation request for a dragon.

Rage dragon. It is the alternate name for grand dragon.
Its body is 8 meters long and possesses frightening physical power and speed.
It holds the title as the supreme rule of land.

Its dragon roar could produce a shockwave that is strong enough to kill people that came close to it.
The dragon came from a mountain near the capital to seek for food.

As our recent activities has been eye-catching, we were being targeted by several nobles.
Hence, participating in such a high level difficult quest would be too eye-catching and trouble would definitely come along.
However, the dragon target is the capital we are in so we have no choice but to participate and defend the city.

A big group of 150 adventurers were gather in the end. As expected of a dragon subjugation request.
Of course, the military is afraid of our failure and is waiting behind.

And so, we head out to subjugate the dragon.
In the end, we managed to kill the dragon… but only 15 people including us survived. It shows just how hard the fight is.

The dragon first roar, and its shockwave alone killed 20 people.
Its shockwave has enough strength to rip apart a human that is close to it.

It swung its tail vertically and 10 more people were killed.
Needless to say, you would also get killed instantly if you got bitten by its sharp fang.

Under the protection of its golden dragon scale, ordinary weapon would not be able to harm it.
It’s overwhelming body strength allows it’s 8 meters body to move around quickly.

Such strength…! Such overwhelming strength! This is the first time in my life that I experience the fear of death.

As the end of the day… in order to defeat 1 dragon, 135 people were killed.
Despite the fact that everyone is a rank A adventurer.

We wanted to push all the credit onto the surviving adventurers and leave the place quietly. Unexpectedly, our plan was interfered. It is those noble that were treating us as a thorn in their eyes.

The end result is that I received the title of baron, and loses the freedom to move freely.

After that… I was busy for a period of time.
If I was just a baron in name, I could still live as an adventurer and move as I liked.

However, the king accepted the other noble’s recommendation and made me a baron which is incharged of a land.

I was given the land in Etarunia, which is southwest of the capital Philimichia. It is a waste land where countless other nobles tried to reclaim but failed.
And I would be the lord of that land.
It is obvious to see the harassment given by the other nobles.

However, I decided to do my best to reclaim Etaruina.

In the beginning of the reclamation, I borrowed the power of many friends.
In the end… Etaruina was reclaimed successfully using our power.
When I reported about the success of land reclamation in Etaruina, the king wanted to give me a reward of a better land. In a hurry, I politely decline his offer.
It sounds like more trouble.

As a compromise, the king told me [I hope that your excellent power could be passed down to future generation].
And when I told my companion regarding the need for a successor… a fierce fight broke out for the position of the first wife.

And during this period of time… Eleanor told me that she obtained the position as a priest, and left my side.
I boldly proposed to her but was rejected.
I was shocked.

If I knew this will happen… I should propose to her at that time when I was 20 years old, as that was the time when I was considering introducing her to my parents.

Not long after, Loriette won the position as the first wife.
And a year later… I became a father.
For a period of time afterwards… I live a quiet and peaceful life.

A news that [A demon lord has appeared] came suddenly and a period of chaos followed.

And after a while, it finally became a full out war with the demon lord.

…However, I only receive the order to remain standby.
I knew that those fellows are interfering again… This is why I hate noble so much.

No long after, the war reached a turning point and injuries kept on increasing.
And during this moment, we received the news that Saint-sama appears.

And 3 more months passed since then… and finally, the hero summoning ritual is ready.
In the ceremony, it seems that all lords must attend… that just how it is.
I finally returned to the capital after a long time.

After reaching the capital, I wanted to do my greeting with the rumoured Saint-sama and head towards the Healer association.

And there, I was suddenly reunited with Eleanor.

She is still extremely beautiful, and comparing to the time we separate… she has even more charm.
I heard that she became the instructor for Saint-sama.
And the Saint-sama that I was looking for… she is tightly grabbing onto Eleanor’s skirt and kept staring at me. That [Fukyun] is her favourite phrase right?

Unexpectedly, Saint-sama is actually a white elf child.
This is the first time I am seeing one after being reincarnated for 20 plus years.

She has beautiful golden hair and snow white skin.
Her long ear drooped at the end and she has a cute childlike face.

She is of similar age to my child? She seems really small.
Fuu, but her future holds great potential.

And after I am talking with Eleanor for a while, I heard a sound.
[Guuu~~~~~], It is the sound that indicates someone is hungry.
It seems that Saint-sama is hungry. I see, that’s why she is in a bad mood.
We part ways after hearding that sound. When I passed by Eleanor, I quietly whispered [Be careful of those noble] and left after asking her to take care.

Tomorrow is the hero summoning ceremony.
I do not know what will happen. In the worst case scenario… we might even have to fight against the hero.

T.L End of Chapter 13.


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