Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 15

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For those of you who forget how the hero look like, here he is =0
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15TH Meal: Hero

Is this man really the hero?

Let me explain it to you.

This man has greasy, black wavy hair and many pimples are seen growing on his plump face.
I could see eyes that are sparkling behind his thick glasses.
His whole body is covered with huge churns of fats.
The appearance of wearing a flowery head scarf that could be frequently seen in Akihabara, huge backpack and jeans, is without a doubt your so called freedom warrior [Otaku].

… Is this really the hero?
Usually, the goddess would also do something like [let’s give you a better looking appearance].
Is there no such salvation?

[Y…are you hero-sama?]

Uwa, even the king is in shock. As expected, such a situation has never occurred before?
Looking at my surrounding, everyone is observing the OTAKU. Not even one person is speaking.

[That’s right, I am the hero chosen by Maius-sama. My name is Takaki Goto]

A clear and proper response.

Despite his appearance, he obtained everyone admirations with his magnificent speech.
You could not judge a book by its cover. This is probably what everyone is thinking of right now.

[I understand the current situation. Please leave it to me and I will definitely subjugate the demon king!]

The hero Takaki clench his fist and expressed his determination.
He really is the real-life example that one must not judge a book by its cover.

The king gratefully said [I am thankful to you], but hero Takaki just immediately response with [This is why I became a hero].
Everyone on the scene gradually started to accept him as the hero.

Then, important figures were introduced to the hero.
It would soon be my turned to be introduced, but….

[Fuoooooooooooooooooooo! A real life loli elf appears!!]

Hero Takaki started screaming while looking at me.
No… no way, this fellow is a lolicon!?

I felt that my body is in danger and hide behind Eleanor.
During the confusion, I took the opportunity to touch her butt. Uhehe, so soft.

[I apologise. I cause you to be afraid. My spirit is suddenly ignited with flames. You do not have to be afraid as I would not be doing anything. YES! Loli! NO TOUCH! Loli! is my basic principle]

It seems that he is a gentleman.

[Eltina… is a saint for now]

I hide behind Eleanor-san and did a simple introduction.
During that short period of time, Takaki is breathing heavily while looking at me.

And after that, the introduction continued without any disruption.
Hero Takaki was subsequently brought into another room that is prepared for him.
The hero summoning ceremony is over with this.

[We sure summoned someone suitable]

The one speaking while walking over is the cheat reincarnator, Futta.
He is wearing a white military uniform.

[Un, it seems he is not a bad person… but it seems he is sort of ecchi? He kept staring at my body…]

Eleanor become embarrassed while saying that.

[[This is unforgivable!]]

This is the moment where I have common views with Futta.


POV changed

The hero is summoned.

The one standing there is the type of person, Otaku, that would normally be despised by others.
I was originally from that world so I knew all about it.

Let’s take a peek at his ability…. [Status].
I quietly activate the lifestyle magic, [Status].

[Status] is a magic that is able to read information regarding the other party.
You could read their numerical strength and more detailed information as your proficiency goes up.

Let’s compare the hero status with mine…

<Futta Etarunia Yugi>
Human    Male    25 years old     S rank adventurer     Lord of Etarunia
Strength 500    Health Point 450    Agility 750    Magic Power 380
Weapon S    Magic S
Protection of the goddess    Sword Saint    Reincarnator

And this is the hero’s…

<Takaki Goto>
Human    Male    25 years old    Hero
Strength 800    Health Point 850    Agility 350    Magic Power 950
Weapon C    Magic A
Protection of the goddess    Heart of steel    Summoned Hero    Path of Otaku    Yes Loli

Same age!? He gave me the feeling of some middle aged man!?

His physical abilities are all great except his agility.
However, it became disappointing talking about his proficiency… he might need supporter. (T.L The proficiency I am talking about is Weapon/Magic. In Futta case, it is Weapon S, Magic S while in Takaki, it is only Weapon C, Magic A. Some meaning might be lost in translation as I could not find a suitable word for it so I just use “proficiency”)
Also, there is some strange skills mixed in? What are all those?

Speaking of which, an ordinary adventure has this type of status.

<Ordinary Adventurer> C rank
Warrior type    Strength 100    Health Point 120    Agility 80    Magic Power 50
Magician type    Strength 30    Health Point 60    Agility 70    Magic Power 150

That’s right, let’s also take a look at Saint-sama.
I activate [Status] without anyone around me noticing.

<Eltina Ranford Etil>
White elf    Female?    Around 5 years old    Is a Saint right?
No strength    Health is full    Probably agile   Magic Power is dazzling
Weapon E    Magic barely D
Is a Saint, so what?    Peachy sensei’s first inheritor

……. What is this!? This is my first time seeing such a status!?

Speaking of which, I remember that Etil is the family name of a baron?
Slightly further away from this place, I caught a glimpse of the head of Etil family.

Yashu Ranford Etil. 45 years old. He is also an A rank adventurer.
Although he has already retired from being an adventurer, I heard that he accomplished many of the request from the king when he was young and obtained the position of a noble.

I heard that his youngest daughter died 5 years ago… so who exactly is this child?
In..heri..tor…..Inheritor? I see, this child is an inheritor.

But it is so rare to even inherit the name.
One would usually only inherit abilities… is it because she greatly respect the previous person?
However, her proficiency is….

Her proficiency is the same as what I heard from Eleanor. It seems that this white elf proficiency’s at other things beside healing magic is disappointing.
In this world, you would receive special treatment from the country if your healing magic is A rank.
There is a big difference in the power of healing magic between an A and a B rank.
The difference is as big as a mouse versus a lion. It would become as big as an elephant or even a dinosaur if you reached S rank.
Although my knowledge regarding this is blurry, this is what I could compare by recalling the information I read long in the past.

Rather than this, does Yashu-sama know about this?
It seems that Saint-sama also glanced multiple times at Yashu-sama.
Well, this is a problem between them so I should not say anything unneeded.

As I was thinking about such stuff, the hero started introducing himself…


POV changed

The middle age Ossan at the hero summoning ceremony.
Yashu Ranford Etil, the father of the first generation Eltina.
Although I was troubled whether I should explain the situation surrounding me, I decided to leave it alone for now.

Well, it will become a troublesome matter if I was to be honest.

And three days have passed… we ended the treatment early, passed the remaining jobs to the new healer and head toward castle. It seems that they have something important to tell us.
Please spare me from all the troublesome things. Fukyun.

This is a fantasy world that does not care about my opinion. I was to [enter the castle] at once, once someone decided it.
I hope nothing bad is going to happen. I thought to myself while holding onto Eleanor’s hand and passes through the gate, walking along at a steady pace.

T.L End of Chapter 15

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  1. C rank
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