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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Misha, becoming a human

[Let’s try the transformation magic!]
[I see, finally…]

I sucked in a deep breath.
Or rather, it seems I am the one who is more nervous.
Misha finally could take on the form of a human.

[I do not know if I could succeed on the first attempt. Luckily, it would not cause fatality even if I fail and there is also nothing I could not achieve. Although transformation magic is a relatively advanced magic, it will become simple to learn for anyone above Lv 25]

[It should be easy since Misha is already Lv 71]

[However, it is difficult to transform into a human and a Lv 25 could only maintain the form for a very short period of time. They will return back to normal after one minute so it seems that time technique is only useful for tricking the guards]
[Ah, I see. There is a difference in terms of effects even if the magic used is the same]

Most magic in this world are ranked from (1) to (5).
The magic with the least effects are ranked from (1) to (2).
The recovery magic my Misha used is of the highest level of rank (5).

[In terms of efficient for a recovery magic, it is easier to transform into an animal with smaller body. It is most likely to visualize the image of the whole body. Hence, it is easy for a human to transform into a cat than vice versa]
[I see. It makes sense that it is less likely to get a wrong visualization of a smaller item]
[However, I must succeed]

Misha said with eyes full of her determination.

Then, Misha stood on her hind legs and looked like she was walking –
She stretches both of her front legs forward.

Then, smoke started to appear around Misha.
Half of my room began to be filled with smoke.
However, I also could not afford to open the window. The smoke then dissipates after a short period of time.
Immediately after the smoke dissipate –

The silhouette of a young girl appears.

She looks to be about 1(X) years old. (T.L Fill in the blank, I purposely omit it)

Nonetheless, her breast is so small that I would not be surprised if she says she is even younger – but I do not care about such a thing!

There is a pair of cat ears on her head. (T.L Nekomimi is the BEST. GREATEST!)

There is also a cute tail around her butt.

[M, Misha?]

That child stared hard at me to seek confirmation.

[I, s, succeed right…? … That right ne~?]

At least Misha’s voice did not change at all.

[U, Un… It seems that is the case…]

[I, I did it, Goshujinsama! I, finally became a human!]

Misha dashed forward to hug me.

Due to the impact, I was knocked onto the bed.

[Goshujinsama, you understand right? I, became a human yo~! I could touch Goshujinsama yo~! I could hug Goshujinsama yo~]

Cheat Na Kaineko C15(I did it, Goshujinsama! I, finally, became a human!)

[Ano, I feel happy being hugged… but… that…]

Misha is totally naked now.

[…Are, my clothes are…]
It seems that Misha also noticed something strange.


Misha screamed even louder than when she was a cat and this made me take a few steps backwards.

[It is so embarrassing not wearing clothes after becoming a human… It is so cooling, that I could not calm down at all…]

Misha used her arms to cover her body.

Ah, her body is covered with fur when she was still a cat.

[I could also transform clothing, but, I failed because I was not used to it… It must be due to cats having a low understanding of clothing]
[I, I see…]
[H, hurry up, bring out clothing for a girl!]
[I understand!]

I came to first floor of the inn.
But, it is better to give up. The sun has already set and it is almost night time.
The market over here has already closed.

[Ano, excuse me, okamisan… I have a strange request…]
I tried borrowing clothes from okamisan.
Okamisan initially looked at me with eyes full of suspicion, but after a while, she started grinning.

[Aah, no problem, no problem! You can have it if you like! My daughter clothes should fit though! Leave it to me to find the suitable size!]
[No, that, any size is alright…]
Also, it is not good lending Runaria’s clothes to a pervert. I also doubt that okamisan is a pervert.

Okamisan started tapping my shoulder.
[The voice of that girl is loud. I initially though it was a cat but it turns out to be a human]
[Ah, sorry for the disturbance….]
[Everyone knew it even without saying anything. A lady which does this type of business. However, please be more careful next time as our place is an inn. But, you are a young adventurer so it could not be helped]

Ano, what…
It seems like there is some sort of misunderstanding!?

[Drowning in lust, ripping apart that girl clothes, that happens sometimes. This happens to a female adventurer nearby so I know all about it]
[No, Okamisan, that…]

[Don’t worry about it, don’t mind it, you do not have to pay me since it is not a good set clothes]
[Ano, this is not it…]
[However, please be more mindful next time, as the other guests living here might also notice such a thing]
[M, mou, anyway I shall borrow the clothes]

It is currently more important borrowing the clothes than solving the misunderstanding.
I passed the clothes to Misha who is still waiting in the room on the second floor.
[There is no hole for a tail on human clothes…]
[There might be clothing made for beastkin, but there is no other choice since it is an emergency]
Misha could only coil her tail around her waist.

I looked at Misha again after she wore her clothes.
I could finally openly look at Misha without guilt.
[How is it? It is not weird right? …]
Misha is slightly nervous.

[Extremely beautiful]


There is no need to say anymore.

[Thank you, Goshujinsama…]
Misha hugged me again.
I also hug her in return.

I am extremely happy, so happy that I could even melt now.

However, a worrying and unnecessary worry appears on my mind.

At least the matter about Misha, I have to let okamisan know…
For the sake of my reputation…


27 thoughts on “Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 15

  1. So he’s gonna solve the misunderstanding of having a prostitute by likely starting the misunderstanding of being a pedophile….

    Well, he did say he love her even as a cat so I’m not sure this is worse…


  2. Now everyone thinks he was a beast in private. Can’t wait to see what sort of misunderstandings result when they realize it’s with a young beastgirl instead of a regular prostitute or some other female closer to his age.


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