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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2: The taste of freedom Part 2

It was at that moment (when she ran into the alley).

Two men appeared from within the small alley and assaulted the blonde haired young girl.

The young girl was dragged into the alley in the blink of an eye.

Hitting her head with a wooden rod and gagging her mouth with their hands, she did not even have time to leak out a scream. Due to the swiftness of the crime, not even a single passerby realized the abnormality.

However, Ferris saw what just happened.

She could not ignore what just happened.

Without any hint of hesitation, she rushed into the back alley to find the young girl.

The men whom hide their face and body with a robe tried to pin the girl onto the ground.
The young girl tried to struggle but could not overcome the strength of the man. Her mouth was pressed and both her hands were pinned to the group.
The man wanted to tie up her leg but received a kick from her. In the next instant, one of the man used his leg and stomped on the girl’s stomach. A painful groan was heard from the girl.

[Be more obedient, ojousama… Otherwise, your pretty face will be gone…]

A glint shone from the man’s eye and he rub a small knife on the young girl’s face. Tears started following from the girl’s eyes.

The other man started laughing.

[Such a waste. Rather than that, let’s have a taste of this girl before handing her over to our customer. You don’t get to see such a good quality product often]

[That’s a good idea. I also started becoming excited just a moment ago]

[Let’s take away her wand. A magician cannot do anything without their wand]

The men snatch the wand away from the young girl’s grip.
They spread her leg apart and ripped off her clothes.

The young girl kept pleading but the men had no intention of stopping.

(No! I have to stop them!)

Ferris started screaming like a wild beast and knock into one of the men.

[What a f*cking brat! Do not disturb us!]


She got sent flying away and hit the ground.

Nevertheless, she immediately jumped up and started charging at the man.

She got beaten. Her body hurts.
She got beaten again. Her body hurts more.
Ferris still did not give up even after being kicked and stepped on.

[Stop it already, brat! You want to be killed?!]

[Let’s just finish off such a dirty brat!]

One of the man caught Ferris by her throat and slam her onto the ground.

Ferris rolled on the moldy stone pathment and stopped right beside the young girl.

The young girl with her blonde hair in a mess and with tears flowing from her blue eyes started whispering to Ferris.

[I, please ignore me. Just run… at least for you, you would not suffer anymore cruelty]

[No… desu… You… Very pretty… Becoming stained… No…]

Ferris managed to squeeze out such words despite being out of breath.

She was unable to stand and collapsed on the ground.

Her whole body was screaming in pain.

The young girl hugged Ferris tightly seeing that Ferris is still desperately trying to stand up. She glared at the men in tears.

[You guys are demon! The lowest form of the garbage! You attacked such a small girl together! You do not deserve to even live!]

[Aaa!? You heard that right… Shall we cut off one of her hand to make her obedient!?]

[Kuhahaha! Let’s do it! It is fine as long as we did not damage her face too much]

The man raises his sword and slashed towards the young girl.

The sound of blade cutting through the air

The impact on the young girl face.

The sword cuts into the flesh of the young girl’s face.

[So, someone, helpppppppppppppp!]

Ferris screamed.

Time froze in the next instant.

Infront of Ferris, a huge fireball appears and send the man flying.

The flame continues to expand and a gate was constructed. The door of the gate broke open… and an inferno spew out.

From the hellish flame, the flame changed into the shape of a human with wings.

It is still too big (compared to normal human) and is obviously abnormal.

With deep dark black eyes and mouth.

Even the lining of its teeth is burning with flames.

A fiery fiend, while smiling kneeled in front of Ferris and bowed to her in respect.

[You finally called me, my queen. My name is Leviathan and a faithful follower of my queen] (T.L I though Leviathan is watery type?) (E.D Watch out for it’s Tidal Roar)

[E…Eh…? Queen? I, no queen… only a slave]

Ferris felt troubled and frightened]

[No, you are my queen. I am finally able to manifest after my queen called for me]

The fiend called Leviathan started smiling silently.

The young girl with blond hair leaked out a surprise voice.

[Summoning magic…? But… that magic… should be lost ever since the ancient time]

[Ahhh, is that the case, to someone like you, it is considered a lost technique? It seems time is different now.]

Leviathan’s shoulder trembled as it found this amusing.

The men in robe screamed in anger.

[W, what is this fellow! Summoning magic does not exist. You must be using an illusion spell or something! Doing such a meaningless thing!]

[Whether I am an illusion or not, won’t you understand if you attacked me?]

Leviathan shrugged its shoulders.

[I will do it even without you saying! I will also kill that shitty brat over there!]

The two men started running towards Ferris.

Leviathan spoke to Ferris with flames in its eyes.

[Well then… My queen. Your orders please]

[O, order desu ka…?]

[That’s right, a summoned beast, cannot move without it’s master’s order. Should I defeat those guys or just run away and leave behind my queen and that girl over there… please give me the order…?]

A mysterious whisper.

A voice filled with danger.

However, Ferris did not have any choice.

A beautiful thing getting stained, she does not want to see.

[De, defeat them!]

[… I receive your order]

Leviathan respond with a joyous expression and breathed fire from its mouth.

The world is dyed in a hellish red and the two men started to burn

A high pitch scream, flames so hot melting even bones and the heat wave blew towards Ferris and the young girl.

In the next instant, the two men melted into ashes and the wind blew the ash away.

[…Well then, my queen. Please call me again the next time you require my assistance… Aaa… whahahahaha!]

Leviathan’s laugh resounded and it returned back into it’s gate.

The gate started shrinking before it disappear and all that remains is the hot and melted stone surface.

Ferris felt her whole body losing strength.

Is that because of relief? Or is it the accumulated fatigue?

Ferris could not stand anymore and fell face down, losing her consciousness.

[Th, this child… what in the world…]

The blonde young girl – is a magician apprentice named Alice, whispered in fear.

Although she did not know what it was, she know for sure she saw something horrible.

That is surely, … an existence outside of human knowledge and something we could not win against.

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T.L I find this a lot more interesting than that Cat series tbh haha


20 thoughts on “Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 2 Part 2

    1. While it usually refers to a large and powerful water creature in mythology, it can really just mean big and/or powerful (which this fire Leviathan is). Only other thing that sounds similar to leviathan would be Laevateinn (a weapon meaning “damage twig” from Norse mythology). But it is translated as Leviathan, so it should be Leviathan. Thanks for chap btw.


  1. Thanks for chapter.
    After this event she became stronger loli magician in that world…
    Maybe after Ferris became beautiful loli after bath too?


  2. She has to be careful with her summoning…defeat = kill …. not that I care about two rapist abductors. Just thinking that her summons might bring about more trouble than good.

    Anyways, thanks for the good work. (=^ ◡ ^=)


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