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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 3 Part 2

T.L Here is the promised part 2. Poor Ferris… 

Chapter 3: First time Part II

Ferris felt exhausted after experiencing this new feeling, but she did not think that it was unpleasant. She felt that her spirit was recovering. Her whole body felt warm and her cheek was flushed hot.

[You see… just look. So pretty right?]

Both Alicia and Ferris stood in front of a mirror. Alicia place her hand over Ferris’s shoulder and asked her this question.

The mirror reflected a child which is unknown to Ferris.

White and smooth skin.

Shiny glossy hair that was still dripping with water.

Deep red lips and rosy pink cheeks.


Ferris tilted her head which only made Alicia laugh.

[That’s you, Ferris. The real you is such a cute girl. Hence, you must bath everyday]

[This is…me…right…?]

The more she looked, the more unbelievable it felt to her.

And while Ferris was in this state, a growling sound was heard from her stomach.

[Well well, you must be hungry. The preparation should almost be done, so let’s go have a meal]

Ferris jumped at the word “meal”.

[Meal!? Is it meal!? Can I also eat a meal!?]

[Maa, you suddenly have such a big reaction]

[Ah, S, sorry! I unconsciously…]

Ferris hanged her head dejectedly. She thought that if she acted like a beast, she would not be allowed to stay here any longer.

[It’s alright. Well then, let’s head to the dining room]

Alicia smiled gently towards Ferris and held her hand.


The room Alicia called a dining room was a big room with an extremely long table.

The surface of the table was covered with a white cloth and many metal lids were lined up along the table. The food was nowhere in sight though.

Noticing that Ferris suddenly felt dejected, Alicia started to explain.

[You don’t have to worry as the food are all underneath the lid]

[Ah, I, see…]

As a ten-year-old girl sitting on one of the huge chairs, it made Ferris look even smaller.

The head maid then entered the room and spoke to Alicia.

[Ojou-sama. The leader of the guards came over. Regarding the attempted assault this time, he would like to speak with danna-sama, ojou-sama… and the guest over there] (T.L Danna-sama is Alicia’s father)

Alicia shook her head.

[Leave this matter to later. The most important thing now is to fill Ferris’s stomach]

Saying that, Alicia directed her smile towards Ferris.

[However, ojou-sama, the guard leader seems extremely busy…]

[Later, later. Which is more important, accommodating to the schedule of a guard leader or repaying my important benefactor]

A statement which indicate there is no room for negotiation.

[There is no helping it… I will convey it properly to danna-sama]

The head maid smiled bitterly while leaving the room.

[Well then, please eat to your heart’s content!]

Alicia took the seat beside Ferris and gave a nod to the maids.

Hence, the maid came close to the table and remove all the lids covering the food.

And on that table, Ferris saw many cuisines that she never saw in her life.

There were many types of simmered and roasted meats that were overflowing with delicious smells.

Salad made up of a combination of red, green and yellow vegetables.

A huge basket filled to the brim with fruits.

A variety of ingredients that was cooked by frying.

A cake that was covered in white cream.

Ferris does not even know the name of any of the dishes, lest so the way to eat it.

No matter which one she looked at, all of the dishes seem delicious.

[I, itadakimasu!]

Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Ferris leaped towards the food.

She does not know the purpose of the small knife or fork placed on the table and just grabbed a hand full of the cake. She then pushed the food into her mouth and swallow it without even chewing.

[Maa!] [What is with your way of eating!?] [Please at least use a fork!]

The maid started making a commotion.

[It’s alright]

With a single word from Alicia, all the maids quiet down.

Ferris was self-indulging in eating the cake.

Stuffing her face full of cream, biting strawberry, eating huge bites of the sponge portion of the cake and a loud swallowing sound could be heard from her throat.

Such delicious food, Ferris has never eaten in her whole life.

Sweetness, freshness, and fluffiness… food which tasted like it came out from her dream, and a portion came dropping down from her face. The cake melted in her tongue. Her stomach is still growling, more, screaming at her to eat more food.

[How is it…? Is it delicious?]

Alicia enquired.

At long last, Ferris realised that she is greedily devouring the food and stop her action out of guilt.



Alicia eyes opened wide in surprise.

[I…realised it… Delicious food… never eaten… I always, thought the delicious bread… but, its not delicious…]

Comparing it to the cake, the bread tasted like garbage.

Ferris did not receive anything else besides the mouldy bread so she thought all along that it tasted good. However, that is just because she did not taste any other flavours.

After realising this, she knew how stupid she was before.

The word that her masters said about her, [Leftover garbage woman].

At the street, she saw many people wearing beautiful dresses.

Various things are surfacing into Ferris’s mind and her body started trembling.

Don’t know why, tears are flowing. Cannot stop.

[This cake is… very, very delicious…]

Ferris tried to smile with a (ehehe). (T.L Crying and smiling at same time)

Looking at such a Ferris, Alicia bit her lips.

[… As long as you like, it’s okay to eat more]


[… Until you get bored, it’s okay to keep on staying in this house]

[Thank… you very much….]

Ferris felt warmth after Alicia hugged her from behind.

Alicia voice, felt warm.

Ferris kept on chewing on the cake that tasted slightly salty.

Her chest felt painful, aching but it is a comfortable feeling.

Ferris wished this moment would stay on longer while being hugged by Alicia.


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T.L End of Part 2.


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  1. Sometimes, a coma really helps:
    Ferris felt exhausted after experiencing this new feeling of her but she did not think it was unpleasant.
    Ferris felt exhausted after experiencing this new feeling of her, but she did not think it was unpleasant.


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