Chapter 9

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T.L This chapter is so longggg…. Please praise me for translating all of this. Call me Konko-sama guys ~ 

9th Meal: Young Elf girl heading towards the capital

And now, I am standing before a huge gate.

To be exact, I am in one of the queue so I could get through this gate if I pass the inspection by the guards.
I was told that beyond this gate, lies the biggest city in this world
The capital city of Langusten, [Philimichia]. (T.L Please help with the naming guys… ラングステン王国『王都フィリミシア』である.)

It is a huge city with a population of 8 thousand people and has all the important facilities.
Well, it might not be all that special in my original world but it is considered extremely big for this world.

And oh boy… this city sure is far. It took me two weeks to arrive at this city after leaving the abandoned village!
I would have reached long ago if I took a carriage, but I do not have that kind of money.

Speaking of which, the queue sure is long ne~? In my mind, I was rushing the guard to speed up with the inspection when an adventurer ossan standing in front of me started talking to me.

[It sure is crowded today… jou-chan are you here to visit the capital with you father?] (T.L Jou-chan = young lady)

… he started talking to me with kind words.
He is probably assuming that the middle age ossan behind me to me my father. (T.L Ossan = uncle)

In addition, the ossan behind me suffered the same metabolic problem like most middle age man does. Is he a merchant? (T.L Basically is saying the uncle is fat in a fancy way)
He was panting heavily while carrying three large bag packs.
It seems like he already used up more than half of his energy.

Currently, I am wearing the long robe I inherited from the previous Eltina.
It was a good quality green robe and I wore its hood over my head so my ears were not visible.
It is understandable to be misunderstood.

[No, I do not have a Tou-chan? I do not know the person behind me] (T.L Tou-chan = dad)

I properly corrected him.
It felt disgusting having an unknown man with metabolic problems as my father ~
[Haa!? You… are an orphan? But you are wearing such an expensive clothes…]

The adventurer ossan started to fall into a deep thought.
I started observing the ossan in front of me.

He is probably in his later thirties. He has short bluish-green hair and his hairline is starting to regress. (T.L Going bald soon =0)
He has blue-coloured pupils… wait, why am I observing a man? It doesn’t matter how a man looks!!
It is annoying! Saying simply, he is a mob character! Mob!
Regarding such adventurers with a plain background, it is just a waste of effort to think about them!

(T.L Image of the mob Ossan)

And I gave up thinking about him.
The adventurer ossan seems to come to a conclusion and continue talking to me.

[No, but… there are more thieves appearing recently. And those thieves appears to be children]

[I see…]
And, he told me an unexpected information next.

[And rumour said the thief is an elf child]

[Wh… what…!?]

Will I be pinpointed as a suspect now!?
Of all time, why did some troublesome situation appear!?
Stop joking with meeeeee!?

[…hey, hey? Are you alright?]
The ossan look at me with worrying eyes as he saw my shaking with anger.
Although I am slightly worried, my brain started thinking of ways to solve the current problem.

[Ossan, is there any way for an elf to enter the capital without a problem?]

I started speaking to the ossan quietly.
Why is there nothing valuable on me now? (T.L He wanted to bribe/hush the ossan with $$)

[Why are you asking such a thing?]

He showed an expression as if he heard something strange.
Maa~, after all, it is a child you met for the first time.
I carefully revealed my ears that were hidden underneath the hood.

[Jou-chan is an elf! And aren’t you a white elf on top of that!?]

Shhhhhhhhiii! Keep your voice down!!!
For what reason do you think I kept this conversation secretive!?

Everyone in the queue gathered their sight onto me.
It’s over. Our conversation got heard by everyone. Damn it.
I might as well take off my cover now!

I took down my hood covering my head.
And reveal my shiny gold hair and my big droopy long ears.

[… all my efforts of talking quietly has gone to waste]

Everyone in the scene started to surround me.
Cheh! Are they preparing to apprehend me?
I would not forgive all of you if you frame the innocent me.
I will never forgive all of you! Prepare to eat my magic [Fireball]!

[Uwaaaaaa… It’s the real deal! This is the first time I am seeing a white elf child!]

……What? I felt that people around me were treating me like some sort of rare creature?

[That race that is well-known to isolate themselves… and on top of that, a small child! Ah, since it is a race with long lifespan, maybe…]

A bald head oji-san said such a statement.
Following that, I got hugged by an onee-san that looks to be in her twenties.

[Ka-wa-i-i!! Can I bring her home!?]

As I heard such a statement, I got shoved around by the crowd.
Hey you! Do not touch my ears! It tickles!
That Ossan over there, stop sniffing my hair! Uwaa -!? Who touched my butt!?
It became a scene of chaos.

From what I know, there are both white and dark elves in this world.
The colour of the skin is what differentiates a white elf from a dark elf.

The white elves are a race that isolates themselves from others, and almost never leave the country of elves.
Despite this, there are still occurrences that once in a couple of centuries, a white elf will appear in human population.
This is for maintaining a good relationship with the humans.

And the dark elves were treated as slaves by the humans since thousands of years ago.
Elf that committed a crime in the country of elves would suffer a curse which turns their skin dark and be exiled. This curse will even be passed down to their offspring.

Those dark elves that are cursed would be unable to use any magic and slave merchants would capture them as slaves.
Maa~, but in recent years, the king of Lungusten passed down an order to release all the elf slaves.
And all those dark elves suddenly regain their freedom.
Now, their descendent would feel troubled by their past.

(T.L Image of a dark elf)

Because of this, a white elf like me would not be suspected.
I was able to enter the capital city, Philimichia, without any difficulties.

Speaking of which, the toll fee of 5 copper coin was paid by the adventurer ossan as an apology for causing me trouble.


I finally arrived! The capital city Philimichia!
Uwaa ~! There are street stalls everywhere!! A food stall!! But I have no money!!

There are small wooden shops lined up on both sides of the street.
Both shops selling food as well as shops selling various merchandise could be seen.

The city of Philimichia is just like a town in a fantasy games, with medieval Western-style buildings making up landscape of the city.
Oooh? I could see the castle this far away! Amazing!

[Haha, amazing right?]

The adventurer ossan called Alphonse proudly said.
He told me that all the essential goods for adventurers could be found here.
But you will also easily get ripped off if you are not careful with the pricing.
This happens no matter which world you are in, which makes me impressed with human nature…

[Look over there, that is the Healer’s Association. Would you like to try registering with them?]

[Yeah? Healer’s Association? What is that?]

As I titled my head, Alphonse-ossan started explain to me with a face of disbelieve.

[Un? As the white elves race has a high affinity with healing magic, I thought that it would be suitable for you to study healing magic under them]

This is the first time I heard of it. Thank you very much.
[Alpf… I want to became an adventurer]
… I bit my tongue while trying to say his name.

[Mnn, but… you are still not old enough, so you can’t register as an adventurer]

Nooooo ~
Why did it turn out this way…? I would not be able to earn any money now.

[But, you should still be useful if you can use healing magic]

I heard from Alphonse-ossan that there is a man setting up a stall providing healing magic service.

Well, it seems I would be able to make money this way.
There are very few people in this world that could use healing magic.
And the elves race with natural talent for healing magic, which is me.
Different from those hikikomori that only stay at home due to being embarrassed by their appearance, I am from the proud white elf race so I could proudly walk in the open.

[Maa~, could I use… healing magic?]

There are scammers who said that they could use healing magic but they could not use it.
This is where the Healer’s Association comes in.
Using registration, tests would be conducted and only those people with an affinity for healing magic would be taken in to receive training. You would only be an official member after that.

An identity card would also be issued to prove your status afterwards.
There seems to be an official identity card just like in the previous world.
There is no disadvantage in having one.

[Let’s go and have a look? You definitely have the qualification so you don’t have to worry]

During the examination, you will be classified according the the 6 rank, from S to E. The lowest a white elf ever ranked was C. It seems like I could have some expectations.
Maa~, even if I have the affinity, it would only be wasted if I did not work hard so I should not be too careless.
Alphonse-ossan gave me such a brief explanation.

[… Alright, I will do my best as long as I can earn money!]

I lifted my spirit up and began my assault on the Healer’s Association.
Uwoooooo! Bom bom bom! … (And slightly later) (T.L Sound of MC marching towards the battlefield)

There were many people in the Healer’s Association.
People with injuries and healers desperately trying to heal those people with injuries.
And there are those who do not respond to the treatment, and their body became cold as they passed away, never to wake up again.
There are companions of the dead adventurers crying after losing their partner…

[Just what is this battlefield…]

Alphonse-ossan held his face with one hand and spoke to me.
[This place has always been like this… the number of healers is totally insufficient here]

Probably, most of the people with injuries here are adventurers.

Alphonse-ossan has his back facing me and continue speaking.
[… I showed you something painful]

He then faced me and look at my face.
[Currently… without any outstanding healer around, those people fighting at the frontline with the demon lord would die. And the worst case scenario would be… failure to subjugate the demon lord]

Ehhh!? Demon lord!? Please spare me from having to face the demon lord!

[Ah, if you could become a healer, the other adventurers might have an easier time]

He added on.

[Many of them die… even before becoming a real adult. Young people should not push themselves so much]

I could understand what he was saying as I always pushed myself to drink so much beer that I vomited.
Eh? There seems to be something odd? It seems my example does not match in this case?

[Well… I still cannot understand. I became a healer in order to earn money. Would it make the other adventurers happy knowing this?]

Alphonse-ossan smiled bitter but still happily said [Even if that’s the case]
However, do not rub my head so naturally! My hair would become messy!

[Maa~, let’s head over to the reception counter and have a look first]

Alphonse-ossan used his thumb and pointed towards the direction of a female staff sitting behind the registration desk.

The female staff looked to be extremely bored as she kept on yawning.

She has a short brown hair, baby face and is wearing a pair of small round glasses.

More importantly, I wanted to attack those giant boobs of hers.

[Oiiiii~~ Register me]

The female staff suddenly showed a shock expression.
Why? She has an expression like she just saw… a rare creature?

Ah~ I see, I am not wearing my hood so my ears are fully visible.
Although it is careless of me, but I should not mind it too much!
This is a common mistake that everyone would make!

[Uwaaaaaaa!? It’s a white elf!?]

Let’s escape! I do not know why I suddenly have the urge to do such a thing.
No… I would not do such a thing, so it does not matter now.
The problem is… why must she scream so loudly? It makes my ear hurts!

[Sa… our savior came! Master! Ah, please hold on a moment!]

She then run back inside… ah, and fell. Hoi…. I admire how she can break her fall with her giant boobs.

After a short while of waiting, the female staff returned together with a ikemen who looked to be in his thirties. Ikemen should explode!

[This is… such a rare sight. Welcome to the Healer’s Association]
The ikemen bowed and greeted me with exaggerated movements.
Do you know that it is a sin to be so handsome?

[I am the guild master of the Healer’s Association. My name is Rayen Gallio Exceed] (T.Lレイエン・ガリオ・エクシード)

He ended his greet after saying [Please take care of me from now on]
… I should not make his life too difficult since he greeted my properly.
I am such a gentleman so I would spare your life this time, ikemen!

[Eltina Ranford Etil. I want to register]

Bam! Bam! I bang the desk to make them hurry up.
The sound I made was, in actual fact, only very soft.
But my realistic acting more than made up for it. Fukyun!

[Eh…? Etil? From the noble house?]
The ikemen suddenly said something I did not understand.
Isn’t that person eating sweet potato!? Although I too wanted to eat food made out of potatoes but I have to first finish with the registration.
Ah~! I suddenly craved for potato chips!
This is all the fault of my stomach!

[Register me as Eltina! Hurry, hurry]

I bang the desk with a fixed rhythm.
However, the sound I made still remains very soft.

[Ah, well then… Let’s test your affinity. Please send your magic power into this card]

I was then given a card with some unknown function while he was talking to me.
It seems he said that I have to insert my magic power into this card.

[Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!] (T.L Imagine MC is forcing his magic power into the card)

It is a waste of magic power. But hey… it is not a bad way to relieve my stress.
[Alright, that’s enough], I returned the card after hearing this statement.

[Well then, about your affinity……!?]

The ikemen covered his mouth and his face became pale.

Why did you show such an expression?
Is my affinity so low that it is unbelievable? So you can’t bear to tell me?
I would seriously cry if that is the case, you know?

[I am sorry, but could you kindly accompany me to the room further in?]

And so, we were guided to the inner most room.

A name plate that was fixed onto the door read [Guild Master’s room]
Indeed, this is a matter that we could not discuss in public.
We were then invited into the guild master’s room.

The guild master’s room is displayed with many teacups and saucer which showed his love for drinking tea.
The interior of the room is mainly light brown in colour and gave off a relaxing atmosphere.

We then sat down on a huge black colour sofa.

[I am really sorry. Could you please wait for another 30 minutes? There is someone I like to introduce to you to and I will go and get him now. Please wait here in the meantime]

Leaving behind such words, the ikemen left the room in a hurry.
Alphonse-ossan and I remain silent while watching him leave.

[Thirty minutes sure is a long time…]

[Well, it is also not that long if you don’t think about it too much~?]

The big breast receptionist bought a plate of delicious smelling tea and cookies and served it to us.


I unconsciously stood up and stared at the tea and confectionary!!
Hohoho… is that marble cookie? And that tea feels like it is of good quality.

[Please calm down, jou-chan. The sweets would not run away from you]

Hahaha, Alphonse-ossan started laughing.
The cookies and nice smelling tea was placed on top of the black coffee table that’s matches well with the sofa.

I took a cup of tea and started smelling it.
Ooooh… such a nice and elegant smell….
I took a sip of the ruby coloured liquid from the white porcelain cup.

A wonderful slight bitter sweet taste spreads within my mouth.
And after the sip of tea passes through my mouth, an overwhelming scent of tea simulates my nasal cavity.

[Oh? Are you not going to add sugar?]

[I won’t… adding sugar will kill the taste of the tea!]

That’s right, I would never add sugar into my tea. I am that stubborn.
Although I would also not feel upset if I see someone else adding sugar into their tea.
This is all personal freedom and you should just do what makes you happy.

There are even people adding jam into their tea!

[If you want to taste sweet things, isn’t there something better over here?]

I took a big bite of the marble cookies as I said that. *Crunch (T.L Sound of cookies breaking)

Sweetness spreads in my mouth after biting a pieces of cookie … … and it is also chewy!
Eventually, the cookies mixes with my saliva and it becomes sticky.
It is both sweet and delicious. I felt sorry for having to swallow the cookie.

For a short moment, I was entranced by the fragrance of the cookie that remained in my mouth. I then moved my hand towards the cup of tea after being stimulated by its smell and took another sip.
I repeated this sequence many times. Nnn~ I’m so happy now ……

[You, is it really that delicious?]

[It is so delicious that I could not help myself!]

And so, we spend our time leisurely while enjoying the tea…


And thirty minutes later…

The people sitting in this room includes me, Alphonse-ossan, the ikeman, as well as an oji-san in his seventies who looked like someone holding a high position.

[Nice to meet you… I am the highest ranking priest of Maius church, and my name is Ketto Un Zukusenu] (T.L Help with naming guysケット・ウン・ズクセヌ. I cannot take more of katakana naming)

Uwa, even the church is involved now. I have a bad feeling about this.
Just why, did the church get involve now!?
And why did Alphonse-ossan’s face became pale?
Do you need to go home?

[Well then… let me announce the results for your affinity test]

The ikemen became nervous while announcing the results.

[… S rank desu]


There are four people in this room right? Why is nobody talking?
As I observe everyone, I saw the oji-san’s face having more wrinkles, and Alphonse-ossan looked like he just lost half of his soul. The ikemen’s face was very pale but he was doing better than Aphonse-ossan.

[… That result. Is that the truth?]

[Yes, there is no mistake]

The oji-san and ikemen started talking among themselves.
What, is this really…
Just hurry up and let me finished with my registration, so I could shake the money tree *known as the Healer’s Association (T.L added this line)
Hurry up! Hurry up!

[Eltina-sama, without a doubt, you are sent to this world as a saint]

Hey!? Oji-san! What the hell are you talking about!?
A saint!? It is the character role that usually suffers the most humiliation!!
Stop joking with me! I absolute refuse this role!!

[This world risks heading towards destruction due to the demon lord. Although a hero from another world will soon appear to save this world, but, many sacrifices will be made before he appears]

The oji-san showed a look of desperation as he bit his lips.

[And you appearing at this timing must be due to the guidance from our goddness, Maius-sama! Please… Please, you must save us!!]

After saying this, the oji-san lowered his head and banged onto the coffee table.


I got surprised and so I leaked out a strange voice…?

Oi… there are crack on the table?
Hey! Blooddddddd! Doctor! Please get a doctor!!!


Looking at me trembling, the ikeman came to help me.

[Ketto-sama, saint-sama looks troubled]

Hah!? The oji-san raise his head and looked at me again.
The oji-san cured his forehead that is bleeding profusely with magic.
Healing magic is so convenient.

And the ikeman, did you just call me [Saint-sama]…?

[Ah, I apologize. I did not mean… to make such a mess of things]

You do not have to apologize, oji-san. You look like you are still forcing yourself despite being so old.

[However, there is not even a single S rank over the past 500 years. And you just happened to appear during the period where the demon king revived. If, this is not fate, then what is it?]

Ah, this is bad. I would not be able to refuse following this flow.
I am trapped in a loop where I must say [Yes] no matter what.
つwwwwwwwんwwwwwwだwwwwww(T.L Sad face)

[Please… please, you must lend us your power!]

This is so troublesome. I even have a plan to travel around the world to eat delicious food…
Hmm…*Light up (T.L Imagine a light bulb appears on top of the MC head)
If I could not refuse, I should just add some conditions!

[I understand… I accept your request]

I heard voices of everyone cheering.
You are too naïve! You did not listen until the end.

[However, it is only until you defeat the demon lord. Even I have things that I want to do. Hence, I will help you… until you defeat the demon lord. Do not misunderstand alright!? Hmmph!]
…. Why does that last sentence make me sound like a tsundere?

The talk continues and my training for healing magic will start immediately tomorrow.
I suddenly could not move about freely.
Up until now… I could say that good fortunate always occur on me.

Later on… I would discover that this decision I made, would lead to extremely troublesome matters…

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T.L End of chapter 9. I am going to take a break from translating for a week or two. 


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