Chapter 11

Konko: This chapter is dedicated to Stev-sama, who generously donated to this series ~

11th Meal: The situation surrounding the Healer’s Association

On-site training.

I am currently working hard, using healing magic to treat the people who are injured one after another.
Woah, healing magic sure is amazing –! I could heal the injuries no matter how serious they are!
It reaches a point where the surgeons in my original world would be put to shame.

However, to use healing magic to cure diseases, a high ranking healing magic must be used, so only a few people could use it.
Only those with affinity of A and above could use it.

But in regards to treatment other than surgery, the doctors in my original world still win.
The medical techniques over there is better after all–.

And now… even after treating more than 50 peoples, the number of patients still kept on increasing.
What is happening?

As I am extremely concerned about it, I tried asking Eleanor-san about it…

[Those that are injured from fighting the Demon King’s army would be sent here using (teleportation) magic]

She also added that the treatment of the injured soliders is the job of backline supporters like us.

[Teleportation] is a high ranking space magic. It is a magic that magically creates a [Gate] and connects to a targeted place.
It is a convenient magic that could be use repeatedly once casted, but one caster could only make one gate at any one time and it would disappear once the caster is killed.
It is hard to use the magic, but extremely convenient if used appropriately.

[It is impossible to see when this will end…]

After treating the new batch of patients, looks of fatigue could be seen not only on the faces of the new healers but also the veteran Oji-san and Obaa-san healers.
This situation is terrible. No wonder Ketto-ossan depended on me for help. (T.L Remember the high ranking priest from chapter 9)

I still have plenty in reserve though.
It would not be a problem for me even if there are 5 times more patients coming in for treatment.
Well, an elf has a high mana pool after all. I am also practicing healing magic at the same time so this is killing two birds with one stone.

The treatment continued until the evening.
A few of the younger healers dropped out halfway through the treatment. Even with that, we still managed to survive the day.
Do your best, young healer.

[Thanks for your hard work. You performed excellently, considering this is only your first day]

[There are still areas I could improve on]

I replied humbly. A wise man once said that having such mentality is important.

[Well then, let’s end here and have dinner… it seems tomorrow will be another busy day?]

[It seems that will be the case…]

We did not manage to heal everyone that was brought into the treatment room.
The treatment for those with minor injuries would be left till tomorrow.
If only there were more healers… Mu?
I started to think like that Ikeman! Shit… I became too careless.


POV changed

[Gununu~]… the little girl beside me is humming a song while walking along.
Her name is Eltina-sama and she is the saint.

Although she is a white elf, all her magic attributes are D rank.
I was even told that her weapon handling proficiency are all E rank.

She just sighed and said that her healing magic took away all her nutrients for magic.
And she just brushed it off so easily.

She learned healing magic so fast that it shocked me. She was able to use intermediate healing magic chantless within three days.
And after practicing for another four days using advance healing magic, she was then able to use it chantless as well. She is such an amazing person.

However… it is scary looking at her chanting an aria at high speed, using a quiet voice while frowning.
For some reason, it felt that the holy aria becomes a curse instead.

There were also many people with injuries in the treatment room today.
Those people were fighting the demons in the frontline and got injuried.

[Keep yourself together!? You will be alright!? I will definitely heal you!!]

Many healers were desperately casting [Heal] to those patients.

Depending on your level of proficiency, it is even possible for excellent healers to use elementary healing magic to reattach severed limbs.
There was a young healer desperately using [Heal] during treatment, that… it seems he must use it five times to be able to heal the injuries?
And then there was someone healing at an absurd speed. The sight of a little girl that was healing the injuries of soldiers.
… That is saint-sama.


She said it in an extremely lazy and unmotivated voice, but all the injuries were instantly cured once she uses [heal].

Magic power is limited.
It would lead to terrible consequences once your magic power is used up, including death.
Moreover, healing magic requires an extremely high amount of magic power, so you need a huge mana pool to continuously use healing magic.

There were cases where healer died as a result of overexertion.
Many of our precious healers die trying to save someone.
There was a period of time when this occurs frequently.

Hence to prevent overexertion, there are rules in place which states that the healer must rest at certain intervals…
But this is also not feasible. This is also a battlefield that does not have enemy. People are dying here.

Those that die waiting for healers to recover their magic power. Those that die while waiting for treatment.
And there are those that are sent here with no heart beat…

We earnestly wish and pray that all patients transported over would be well again.
And we tried as much as possible to fulfil that wish… this is the fate of a healer.

You would receive words of gratitude if you managed to save the patients, but you will also receive words of hate from the patient’s family if you fail to save them.
This is a place… where life and death tread on a thin line.

And saint-sama came during such a time of crisis… and news of her arrival spreaded instantly.
Although the high priest of Maius church, Ketto Un Zukusenu-sama and the king of Langusten, Walgang La Langusten-sama controlled the flow of information… many ordinary civilians still found out about saint-sama and placed their last hope on to her.

The ability to cure any disease.
Since she is saint-sama, she would be able to cure them.

However, all the adventurers and soldiers that were sent here need her more as their treatment could not be further delayed.
Hence, I kept it a secret that many ordinary civilians actually came here in hope to see her.

Although saint-sama’s attitude is crude, her personality is gentle by nature.
Saint-sama is always modest and would not hesitate to help others.
Saint-sama always took the initiative to work while saying that [I only help them because of my work]. *But it is definitely because she is shy to admit that she wants to save the people with injuries. (T.L I added this sentence myself to make more sense to the previous sentence)

Please forgive me.
It is better to forsake a few lives in order to save more people… this is the secret that I kept from you.
You would probably be upset once you found out about it.

[Why did you not tell me!?] … She might probably say this.

I am unable to tell you the truth. I can’t let you overwork, and let you die.
Now… I cannot lose you too…

Hence, to all the ordinary civilians… please sacrifice for the greater good.

I would take on all the blame. Saint-sama just has to be… a symbol of hope for everyone.
That’s right… she is the savior that saved many of the injured soliders suffering from despair.
For the sake of maintaining this, I… no, we…


POV changed

[As expected, omurice is the the best. Once again, I apprecipate it]
After eating the omurice Miranda made, I returned to my room and think back on what Eleanor-san told me.

This… is weird? Eleanor-san seems to be getting more dispirited day by day.
Certainly not… is it that time of the month? Fyukun!?

[…Fufufu, I seem to become slightly vulgar]

I kept up with my training as I said such stuff.
Maa~, it is true that Eleanor-san seem to be dispirited.

Although I only knew her for about a week or so, I could still sense the change after working with her every day.
That’s right, I am a detective.

And my body… my body is that of a 5-year-old child but my heart is that of an uncle! Little girl detective, Eltina is here!

… Cough*. It seems that I slightly go off topic here.

[…What causes her to be so down?]

Although I kept talking to myself… I could not get an answer as my thoughts are going in circle.

[Well, let’s try asking her tomorrow then]

As it is troublesome thinking about it, let’s just ask her directly.
In order to replenish my energy for tomorrow training, I summoned peachy-sensei.

[So you could continue to work hard… take all my energy]
It seems peachy-sensei is telling me that.

[Understood! Peachy-sensei!!]

I chomped on peachy-sensei as I said this.
It tasted good.
I could not live without peachy-sensei anymore…

I crawled onto my fluffy bed while think about such a thing.
Good night~, Fukyun~.

T.L End of chapter 11


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