Kuishinbo Elf Volume 1 Illustration

I will be adding in the image as I translate.


14 thoughts on “Kuishinbo Elf Volume 1 Illustration

  1. Thanks for the illustration.
    Somehow food amount is too many in frist picture. El-chan stomach is connected with black hole maybe?


  2. Miranda-san ~ !!!
    damn… this Illustrations is Superb Quality ~

    there’s no Ghost Eltina’s Illustration?
    she’s Important Character to the MC life change…. 😦


    1. Err i have the author sketch of ghost-san. I will show you guys next chapter. I totally forgot to add it in my previous chapters haha


      1. i thought she didn’t have illustrations…. its strange for the Character who has change the life of MC not have her own illustrations….
        i’ll have to wait to see her in next update xD


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