Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 1

Konko: A new series which i taken for a change of pace. I hope nobody else is translating this as I did not really go and search. And with any new translation, I will show my disclaimer once again.

Chapter 1: I am an elf

I am an elf. (T.L The MC uses Wagahai, which is a slightly arrogant way for a male to refer to himself. Please treat all the ‘I’ the MC use as Wagahai)
And I am currently nameless.
Right now, the only thing I know is that I am all alone in the middle of the forest… sleeping fully naked.
And that I am from the race of elf.

The reason why I can still maintain my composure in this kind of situation, is because I still retain some of my memories.

Memories of my past life.

Like fantasy story… I especially liked adventures story.
I have memories of me frequently reading web novel. (T.L Like you guys right now!)

I often read novels about reincarnation into another world, especially… novels that the main character reincarnates into an [elf].

The [elf] tribe is especially skilled in the usage of magic as well as the bow.
It was my ideal race.

And then… that is my race now.

However… there is a slight problem.
I coincidentally saw my appearance when I walk passed a pond nearby.

A childish body… your so called appearance of a child. Both my hand and feet are also very short.
Attached onto my young face is something a human would not possess; an extremely big and long ears and the tip of my ears is slight drooping.
With long golden long hair and thick eyebrow.
… and a pair of sleepy eyes. Although the features on my face such as my noses and lips which are in the perfect shape, it is a shame with the appearance of my eyes.

No… all of that does not matter to me.
Even me turning into a child is still within my tolerable range.
The problem is…

[Sob… my son is missing….] (T.L MC is crying as his manhood is missing in case you do not understand)

Correct, ‘that’ is missing.
The proof of manhood, your so called elephant or mammoth is missing.

Right now… my majestic elephant which is supposed to be at the crotch region is missing. In replacement of that, a slightly bulging [girl’s part] is there.
It is as if it has always been there.

Oh right, I remember I am a man. Furthermore, I am a single and currently 30 plus years old… I am not a NEET? I have a proper job! Usually the reincarnated person is a NEET!?


Keep calm myself. I already do not have the time to panic.
I got shaken by becoming a little girl, but that is not the main point.
How did I end up in this situation?

As usual… I knock off from work and returned home.
I login to my computer and read some funny web novel.
And I took a bite of my favorite wiener.

The hot and juicy meat spread in my mouth and stimulate my tongue and teeth.
Then I drank the cold icy beer which ran down my throat.
This feeling is so wonderful.
I am looking forward to this simple enjoyment after working every day.

That… did I die after this simple and enjoyable moment? I do not understand.

Shouldn’t someone come out and explain in the usual scenario?
There isn’t the appearance of any goddess nor great summoner.

[How did this happen?]

My growl could be heard from my stomach the moment I sighed.
I have no one else to depend on and I could not do anything by myself.
At least a cheat skill… it might be different if I have… but I should not expect too much.
The first task now is to secure food and water.

[The next thing is… I want some clothes]

I feel embarrassment being fully naked.

And an hour later…
I miraculously found a beautiful flowing river and a tree with fruits.
I must have used up a lifetime of luck.
It is a tree which a pinkish fruit like that of a peach grew.

*Shaku* (T.L The sound made after biting the fruits)

The juicy taste from the fruits tasted like that of a peach.
Although I initially am afraid that those plucked down will be too hard.
I easily crunched the fruit and chewed it. I felt full just by eating one of it.
And then I drank some of the water from the river. The icy cold water moisturized my dry throat.

[This must be heaven…]

I laughed bitterly and patted my belly which is now filled with water, but I still desire other food especially meat.
Although the peach is not bad, I would like to eat something harder. But that is something to think of later.

The sunset not long after and night time came.
This period of time will be more dangerous and it is time for carnivorous animal to be active.
I am unable to raise a campfire nor have any ability to protect myself.

And… what should I do?

Escape to the top of the trees… but I can’t climb.
Fight with a weapon… but I don’t have any weapons.
Run… but I will easily get caught.


I am an elf! Wouldn’t I be able to use magic!
Yes! I could definitely use magic! I will be able to win this way!

… Ei, how do I use magic?

What to doooooooooo…
I broke down and screamed loudly.
It’s over. I am doomed.

This is so called checkmated.
Oh well, what comes will come naturally. I lie down on the grass and sleep.

[Let’s think of the future if I survive…]

Thus… this concludes the first day of my reincarnation into the new world.
I hope I managed to survive to see the morning sun… Guu, Guu, and slept sweetly. (T.l Guu, guu is the MC snoring if anyone does not understand)

T.L. The MC could be friends with that lazy vampire that just wants to sleep.


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