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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Adventurer Misha, looking for a fight

It was already noon by the time we woke up.
We went down to the first floor in order to eat our meal.
[Well, well, it seems that you had a very fun time yesterday]
I got made fun of by Okamisan.
As it is a fact that “that” happened, I have nothing that I could refute about.

Misha still has not gotten used to her human form, but there were already slight improvements.
[Humans sleep so little ne~… I, still can sleep more…]
[That is because a cat can sleep anytime and anywhere]
[I will slowly get used to the pace of humans]

I got slightly concerned while chatting with Misha.
[Misha, are you able to eat food that an ordinary cat is not supposed to eat?]
Food such as onions for example.
These foods are for human consumption but it will be poisonous for cats and dogs when consumed by them.
[Even if you asked me, I still do not know as I just became a human. Furthermore, the grimoire does not have any written information of cats becoming a beastkin]

[Ah, if that is the case, there should not be any problem. There are also some beastkins living in the inn and there are no warnings regarding the food they should avoid]
I heard some valuable information from Okamisan.
As expected of a resident living for so long in this country.

Misha got bold after hearing that and attempted to drink a soup with onions in it.
[It tasted slightly spicy ne~]
It seems her first experience drinking onion flavor soup was not favourable.

Speaking of which, I cannot recall the time I first drank onion soup so I could not understand how she feels now.

After the meal, Misha and I headed towards the guild.
However, it took more time than expected.
Our pace is a lot slower because of Misha.

It is not because of Misha not being used to the way a human walks. There is no issue in this area.
Misha is simply amazed by using a human line of vision to see the world.
[Eh~, so this is how it looks from a different angle…]
She looked like the time when we just arrived in the capital.
However, there are also many people coming from a rural village (and looking around like Misha) so we don’t feel out of place.

Before we entered the guild, we decided to first enter a clothing store in order to purchase a robe with holes for her tail.
Misha wore a black robe that is meant for the black-cats tribe.
[How is it? Does it suit me?]
In the shop, Misha stood and spinned in front of me so as to allow me to see how she looked.
[Un, it suits you so much that it is as if the clothes was specially tailored for you]

Although I have always been together with Misha, the time I spent together with her in human form is still extremely short.
Hence, the way Misha is smiling now looks extremely dazzling to me.

[Just a little… I felt troubled by how cute Misha has become…]
[This is the appearance made by the effects of magic. Although it felt weird getting compliments because of this, well, I would still accept your compliment]
Misha appears nonchalant regarding this matter.

By the way, this is not a biased opinion from me.
When we were walking through the street, many passersby also took a second glance at Misha.
This only proved that Misha is an attractive girl.

This situation also continued when we entered the guild.
Many line of sight gathers onto Misha.

Misha and I continued walking towards the guild receptionist Aria-san.
[Are~, you did not bring your black cat along with you today?]
I see… It seems that I have been recognized as the adventurer who will bring a black cat along with him.
[Er, well… I left Misha at the inn…]
[Well then, what type of business do you have today?]

Misha then moved in front of the reception desk and appears in front of Aria-san.
[I came here to register as an adventurer. My name is Misha]
[Are~, a beastkin cat girl with the same name as Keiji’s housecat…?]
Oh no! Somehow, the situation becomes abnormal!

What to do? As expected, I can’t say [My housecat is actually extremely strong so she used a transformation magic herself and became a human] …
[Misha is just a name given by this guy. Can you believe that this guy actually gave me the same name as his housecat? This is the end result]

Misha gave an explanation.
However, this explanation made me look like a weird guy with a cat fetish…

[So that is the reason. Oh, do you need an explanation regarding the guild?]
[There is no need yo~. I have already heard it before]
Misha was also present when I registered with the guild.
[Well then, the annual fee for registering as an F rank is 300 coins]
[Goshujinsama, please give the money]
That’s right. I currently managed all our money, but it might be a good idea to give Misha some money for future sake.

Misha received a F rank guild crest that is dark purple.
Speaking of which, my crest is green in colour as I am D rank.
[Thank you very much, Aria-san]
[Are~, did I tell you my name?]
For some reason, we keep saying some contradicting information during our conversation.
No matter what, our registration is successfully completed.

After that, we can raise our rank by completing more commissions put up by the guild.

However, it seems that we could not go back peacefully.

After our registration, a group of 5 men appears behind Misha and me.
[There is only two of you right? How about forming a party and entering the dungeon together?]
A man with a bald head spoke to us.
He looks like a warrior as he is holding a huge axe.

I understood their intentions immediately when looking at their gaze.
Their purpose is Misha.

Honestly speaking, Misha’s beauty is unparalleled.
Her beauty makes even those people whom discriminate against beastkins forget about their dislike.
Those fellows wanted a beautiful girl because they are single.
It’s not as if I could not understand their feelings.

[There are two B rank adventurers within us and their ability is extremely strong. It should be fine right?]
That bald man got overly familiar with Misha and put his hand on her shoulder.
That man’s crest showed he is a B ranked adventurer so his ability must be legitimate.

Speaking honestly, I wanted to keep Misha all to myself and it is troublesome letting other people know about Misha’s ability. Hence, it should be better to reject them.
However, I did not have to opportunity to even speak.
Misha did not beat around the bush and rejected them straight in their face.

[I refuse, and remove your dirty hand!]
Misha ferociously strike down the bald man.
[I want to fight together with Goshujinsama! I do not want to be recruited to your party! Why don’t you just find that stray cat over there! That should be enough for you!]
[Hey, you, aren’t you too cocky for a beginner?!]

Ahh… this method of solving things is too direct…
[As for me, although I just registered as an adventurer for the first time, I can still guarantee my ability as a magician. You fellows are no match for me!]
[Hmp, give us some prove if you can talk so big]
[Well then, would you like to fight? As long as both party consented, it will not be against the rule right?]

Hey hey! Too rush! You are too rush!
I am only Lv 15, so my ability as an adventure is only at most average!
Although it should be easy for Misha, but it will still be dangerous battling against multiple human!

However, Misha should also understand this.
[I alone will be enough. All of you can come at me at the same time]
It seems that Misha intended to fight alone in the beginning.
[You, better not underestimate the power of our party!]

Hence, the situation developed into a duel.

Afterwards, once only Misha and I remains, I immediately complained that her methods of solving things is bad
[Rather than saying bad, this is a good opportunity]
However, it seems having a duel is part of Misha’s plan in the first place.
[Just how strong is my battle ability in my human form, let’s test it out]

T.L End of chapter 17.



18 thoughts on “Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 17

  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    LOL sometimes I don’t understand the MC 😂
    Oh well, Misha is cute and that’s all matters~


  2. I still feel an indescribable feeling whenever they mention him f**king a cat. But, she’s humanish now, but he loved her when she was a cat. Errrrr, indescribable indeed.

    But I like it! Thanks for the chapter!


    1. do you have pets?
      if you do, do you not love your pets to at least i can say i did love my pet tho the love is like the love to your mother/father/brother/sister so is it not possible it is akin to that kind of love he had to her when she was a cat and that changed after her getting humanoid intelligence(love what is inside and given they know of the transformation magic i wont find it all so strange)


    2. What you’re feeling most likely are the harmful side effects of taking this story too seriously. Take a tablespoon of suspension of disbelief and see if you feel better in the morning.


  3. Thank you for the chapter.

    “I do want to be recruited”

    I think you meant to write “I do not want to be recruited” ?

    So this B-rank party, seeing a cute 16 – 17 year old girl become a new adventurer, decided to try to forcefully recruit her as a mascot and a potential love interest? I guess they will learn the hard way not to be so pushy about it, nor to presume that all new adventurers are initially weak. (By they way, will you ever be correcting your missing translation for the age of Misha in chapter 15? The raw clearly gives her apparent age as a human.)


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