So basically, the MC trained in the forest for a year but achieve next to no improvement.

After 7 chapters in the forest, he finally decided to leave the forest for good and search for a human civilisation.

The first village the MC encounter was a village destroyed by bandits. The MC then encounter a wandering spirit of one of the dead villagers cum adventurer. He was asked to collect all the dead body and built a grave for all the dead. After completing the task, the spirit grants the MC all her former knowledge, magic skills and items.

The MC then moved to the capital of the country. During the queue into the capital, he learnt from the uncle in front of him about the rare existence of elf. A white elf (which is the MC) is treated close to an object of worship while a dark elf is treated as slave. The MC then reveals to the uncle that he is a white elf. The uncle then screamed in surprise and cause a commotion. As an apologise, the uncle pay for the MC toll fee and guide him around the city.

Inside the city, the MC was persuaded to join the healer guild as white elf usually have high affinity for healing magic. The MC then measured his ability and was revealed to has a S rank in healing magic. He was treated as a saint and agree to work for the healer guild until a hero appear.

Around chapter 14, the country did a summoning of the hero and a fat otaku was summoned. The fat otaku goes crazy upon seeing a loli elf. Although the MC is taken back by his behaviour initially, they soon became BFF and form some Oppai association?

Okay thats all I read till.


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