Chapter 6

6th Meal: Young elf girl looking for human habitat

Hiya everyone, I am naked desu.

I am still an elf without a name. You said I could just name myself?
Don’t be stupid! A name… is something that must be given by your parents!

As I keep on referring to myself as I in my mind, I still do not have a need for something like a name.

I am now slowly strolling along the ever green grass field.
I am hearing the cries of birds, insects and animals with my ears.
This is such a nostalgic noise and tears started forming in my eyes.
That forest I am in is obviously weird.

As I look at the ground near my feet, I could see a cute dung beetle crawling freely. (T.L I don’t think a beetle is cute…)
There are huge birds flying in the sky… Eh?

Hold on! Those are dragons right?

The huge dragon that is covered in silvery scale showed no interest to the ground.
The dragon then flew away towards the other end of the horizon.


There are already various things that surprised me.

I felt hungry so it should be about time for lunch. I took out peachy and prepared to have a meal.
There is a rock near me so I decided to eat over there. I sat on the rock and started eating peachy.
The weather is good. As the rock was slightly warmed by the sun, it felt comfortable sitting on it.
I am in a good mood.

Shaku*, shaku* (T.L Biting sound)… This is the best.

[Fuu… delicious!]

I look at peachy but its appearance is not that great!
…but, it seems that it is only due to peach-sensei showing a modest appearance.

Speaking of which… how do I make peachy? Is it a skill or magic?
…but, I would really die of starvation in the forest without peachy.

I received a lot of care from peachy.
However! I am already craving for new taste!

I tasted the soil outside of the forest but it does not have the curry flavouring.
It tasted like how soil should taste.
As expected, the curry flavored soil is something unique to that forest.
Well then, let’s get my hand on some normal fruits, vegetables and hunt animals for food ingredient. Let’s do this!

First of all, I need to find a place with human civilisation.
I would like to hear more about this world and might even get treated to some delicious food.
If I am luckier, I could finally graduate from being fully naked.

[Alright… let’s put my words into actions]

After filling my stomach and sunbathing sufficiently under the sun during rest time, I started walking once again.
Onwards to my quest for delicious food!

And 3 more days had passed… and I am walking on a road. It is a man-made road.
There are signs of carriages passing by here and if I walk along this road, I should reach a village soon. This is what I thought to myself.

Then, another 2 days have passed… and I successfully walked into a small village.

[I arrived! I reached the village! It is my victory!]

I happily ran into the village.
Still fully naked!


T.L Warning. The following part contains scene with cruelty. Please skip this part if you could not stand it and read the next chapter. You have been warned. Konko – 2017

[What is this…]
This is the first word I said when I entered the village.
The village seems like it has been destroyed and abandoned a long time ago.

…Say… all these over there are skeleton remains!!!
There are skeletal remains of a warrior still wearing his armour, a magician wearing robes missing the bottom half of his body. There are also small skeletons… unfortunately those are the body of children… right?

[Just what happened here…]

I felt a sense of sorrow just by looking at such a scene.

For now, I attempted to look into a house nearest to me.
But everything has been plundered so there is nothing useful that still remains.

Thoroughly looted. I complained in my mind while apologising for disturbing the house next door.
However, every place is the same.
Of course there is not a single soul in sight so this is equivalent to an abandoned village.

[…there is no harvest]

As the equipment wore by the skeleton were exposed to various weather, they are all tore and tared.
Hence, I am still totally naked.

The day is over and replaced by night. Darkness covered the whole neighborhood.
However, I could still see things clearly even in the dark.

This is one of the characteristics of an elf… night vision, which allows us to have clear vision even in the dark.
I would have a hard time surviving if I do not have this trait… this is so convenient.

[What is that?]

At the village square covered in darkness… there, is a human shaped thing.
… it could be said that it was illuminating dimly.

Is that a ghost? This is the first time in my life seeing one… and it is definitely not a human.
I felt slightly shocked. Maa~… then… let’s get closer and take a look.

I stealthily hide myself in the darkness… and close… approach the ghost.
To be safe, I also took out two peach-sensei.

This distance should be my limit…? From the shadows of the tree, I observed the ghost.

The ghost is a female.
Her appearance is normal, having a simple double eyelid and beautiful eyes.
A young lady with well-arranged nose and soft looking lips.
The parts that should curve, curve and the part that should not, did not.
Simply speaking, she has a nice body.

But she has no colour.
She is only glowing dimly and her features could only be distinguished by the shades of lights.
Her expression is also gloomy but that must be because she is dead.

A magician?
She is wearing a robe meant for magician just like those in RPG games. But that equipment has totally no defensive power…!
A large cloak then cover most of her body.

Well then, what should I do now?

Should I go up and ask [Hello, Ojou-san. Are you facing any difficulties?] while flashing my shining white teeth… No way?

Well then, it is time to open a conference with my brain!
I closed my eye and started talking to myself.

Me [Let’s begin the meeting. The question is what should we do about the ghost?]
Me (A) [Let’s hurry up and leave. I am scared]
Me (B) [Catch her ZE!]
Me (C) [Let’s retreat… not enough firepower]
Me (H) [I want to bury my face in her Oppai. Haha…]

Alright, let’s retreat.

I opened my eyes after making my decision.
Then, the ghost appears directly in front of my eyes.
…That…t wwwww n wwwwwwaa wwwwwwwaaaaaaa


(T.L POV Changed)

My name is Eltina Ranford Etil (T.Lエルティナ・ランフォーリ・エティル)
5 years ago, I came to guard this village as an adventurer.

The content of this mission is to exterminate bandits.
My adventurer rank is C.

Starting from G and increase up till A, the highest ranking for adventurer is S.
Hence, I have quite some ability as an adventurer.

Furthermore, our team comprises of 2 warriors of the same rank, 3 magicians and 1 healer.
Our team has strong offensive power.

But… we lost our battle.
There is traitors within us.

The strength of the 30 odd bandit is not much and they are slowly pushed back by use.
All of a sudden, we were attacked from behind.

A warrior named Alan as well as Elina whom is a healer and supposed to treat our injuries, joined forces with the bandits.

We fell into a state of confusion but still battled on in order to buy time for the villagers to escape.
We fought fiercely but our only warrior soon fell.
It is at this moment where our resistance came crumbling.

Our magician Gainz got killed immediately after his body got cut cleanly into two.
He received a direct attack from an intermediate spell, air slash.
This is an intermediate spell which attack by using compressed air.
Even if you are wearing metal armor, it would not be difficult for the attack to cut if you use the correct strength.

And another magician next to me… is a girl called Kuron.
She got caught by the large number of bandits… and was assaulted.

Finally… my magic power also ran out, and I suffered the same fate as her…

Countless men caught me and released their desires inside of me.
After a man finished with my body, another one would come and press me down.

[…A, ala…n!?]
It is Alan. My body is already damaged beyond repair… but he still intent to destroy it further.
I cursed and blamed him.
[I finally waited until this day! Well then… I will play till you break!]

Alan… teamed up with the bandits for an opportunity to assault me.
He even betrayed his companions, killed innocent villagers and commit this crime.

[Wh…what…doing! Al…aa..!?]

Alan, uses both his hand to tightly grip my neck.

[By doing this, you will feel even better! Didn’t your boyfriend teach you this?]

Facing the vulgar words from the men, I cried tears of regret.
Not long after, I felt Alan releases substance into me before falling unconscious.

The next time I opened my eye, I became a ghost… but I still retained my personality as a human.

Every night, I would stand in the village square.
Beside the body of the fallen warrior and magician.

[Gainz, Kuron… I am really sorry]

Even if I wanted to bury the body, I could not touch them.
I would only pass over it.

Over time, I got over with my regrets and despair.

It is already 5 years from that event… and something finally changes.
Infront of my eye is a golden-white hair little elf, firmly shutting her eyes.

She seems to be around 5 years old? Well-proportioned face and hair reaching her waist.
It is shining brightly under the reflection of the moon.
She has a slightly bigger and drooping ear than normal elf. So cute
With coarse eyebrow attached to her childish face, she is so charming.

But, why is she fully naked? Why?
Suddenly, the girl opens her eyes and got startled.
…Is it because I got too close to her?


(T.L POV Changed)

[Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!? D-do-don-don’t come close to me!?]

I pointed peachy at the ghost.

[Don’t get closer or else… this peach will spew fire!?]

Un, I attempted to scared the ghost.

Then, the ghost showed a difficult expression…

[klsfふrふおうhf;l? ぃえhじょいjぎぃ?] (T.L I could not translating this)

… Is she trying to talk to me. Eh?

… I do not understand what you are talking about!?
What is this, the language is different from my original world.

The ghost showed another difficult expression while placing her hand onto my head.
Ah!?!? This is bad! Her movement is so natural!!

I did not have time to avoid her attack, so I could only eat her attack head on!

[With this… do you now understand me?]

Ah!? I understand… I understand!? I, could communicate with a ghost!

[That is good… this is called telepathy, as long as I am touching the other party, we can communicate even if our language is different]

…Oh, such a convenient thing.
If that is the case, I have nothing to be afraid of.
I, am totally not afraid, and asking the ghost a question.

[Ano, this, is there anything I could help you with?]

The ghost thinks for a moment.

[Un, I have something I need your help with]

…Ah, she is talking to me. Then, what her request about?
Speaking of which… this is the first time I am speaking to a ghost in this world… what is this!
It will definitely be a difficult task usually so please spare me!

… I cried out in my heart that I am still just a little girl.

(T.L Our cute MC)

T.L End of chapter 6


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    1. indeed it would be nice if they wouldn’t go into detail and all. Just describing emotions rather the activity would be a bit more tactful. But whatever, im sure next chapter will replenish the fluff.


      1. Very true. I feel that these sequences of events does not suit this novel. This novel should all be about the stupid but cute adventure of our MC and his misfortune.

        And I have already tone down many of the choice of words used. The author used quite a few dirty words but I change those to more neutral sounding words.


  1. I think Eltina is more girly than Erutina. And we will see her name every chapter now. There will be a nickname that will use the first two syllables of her name and El-chan is better than Eru-chan, I think.


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