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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Decision for a New Residence 

Thus, our accumulated savings exceeded a total of 6 million coins as a result of winning the duel.
Misha kept silent regarding her being Lv 71 and initiated the duel but I think it is only acceptable as a battle is a matter of life or death.
Also, those men accepted the duel halfheartedly so half of the fault lies with their team.

The bet of 3 million coins will be split between the 5 people so each person has to pay 600,000 coins. This is roughly equivalent to 6 million yen each.
Please endure it as it is a sum you could earn by working hard enough.

And so, Misha and I decided to find a good house near the capital.
On another note, Misha is currently walking using her beastkin form. It will be too unnatural if I kept asking a cat for opinions.

The owner of the property agency initially did not give a damn about us after seeing us enter the shop dressed like adventurers —
[We defeated a golden slime recently and earned a few million coins]
After hearing this, he suddenly became extremely friendly.
Actually, there are some adventurers who act almost like criminals so (being prejudged*) is unavoidable. (T.L I added this)

First of all, the boss introduced property near the central district with the price being on the high side.
I thought it is not bad though as I do not need a house that is too big as long as it’s location is convenient when shopping for things —


[Wait a moment, I do not like it as it is too crowded here]
After Misha said that, we looked at houses located near suburb regions.

Those houses located in suburb regions were slightly larger so it also has its own benefits.
There were many houses that were considered huge compared to Japan’s standards but it will be a hassle trying to clean the house if it is only the two of us living in it.

Then, we saw a house that was especially gorgeous in the cluster.
It is easy to mistaken the house for ones that lower ranking nobles live in as the woodsman-ship of the balcony was crafted with exceptional detail.
[Ano~, this house, is 6 million coins sufficient to buy this…]
[No, this only costs 4 million coins]
The property agency boss offered a price that is cheaper than expected.

But this also means, there must be something wrong with the house.
[There must be a reason right?]
The boss then honestly told us the story behind the house.

Unexpectedly, this is a villa constructed by a noble for his youngest daughter.
As his daughter could not find a noble as her husband, he built a good villa for his daughter in order to raise her worth.
His daughter then fell in love with the fourth son of another noble but was subsequently betrayed and locked herself in the villa.
The condition of her body worsen after that and she passed away at the age of 17.
The house has no occupant ever since and then fell under the management of the property agency.

[There is a rumor that a spirit will appear to chase away anyone who attempted to live in the house]
[Did you try to remove the spirit?]
[It might be possible with a high ranking priest, but when I consulted with the church, they said that the spirit will not place a curse on humans and will leave on its own once it is satisfied so they would not do anything about it…]
In other words, did they think it is not worth their time trying to calm the spirit of a young girl that fall out of love?

During the time when I was talking to the boss, Misha did not join in but started exploring the house instead.
It was obvious that this house greatly interested Misha.
[Un, I have decided. Goshujinsama, let’s take this house!]
[Let me remind you again. There might be spirits appearing]
[This house, has the most number of rooms out of what we see so far so it definitely will be interesting staying here]

Aah, is this based on a cat’s judgement?
A cat will occasionally express an uneasy behavior in a foreign environment but once it gets used to it, it will start exploring the place.

I had a red tea-colored cat in my old house (name is called Maruosuke), and it also showed such behaviors when we moved to a new house.
One time when we were looking for Marousuke, we found it on the top of a cabinet gazing at all our family members.
The next time, we found it inside of our wardrobe.
The next time, we found it sitting in the empty space between our bookshelf.
The next time, we found it jumping to the top of the roof.
It basically tried to explore all possible spots.

Compared to a dog, a cat has a smaller territory area but it will guard its territory very closely.
The above are all descriptions of a cat’s behavior.

[Also, as expected of the house a former noble used, it even has a proper bathtub]
That’s right, a commoner house would not have a bathtub.
I have even seen children bathing with water in front of their house during summer time.

[Was there anyone being cursed to death previously?]
As a precaution, I asked the boss of the property agency.
[Nope, there was only a group of 3 people getting scared by the sound emitted within the mansion and left]
[Well then, we will purchase this house]
With this, my new cohabitation life with Misha will begin now.
If you want to count the spirit too, there will be one more person.

First of all, we have to inform Okamisan and Runaria of this.
[Thank you very much for everything until now]
[This is a good inn which makes me feel at home]
Misha and I got taken care by them for period of time.
[There is no need to feel so depressed. It is not as if you are moving to a faraway town]
[Let’s have a meal if there is a chance]
Okamisan and Runaria congratulate and bid us farewell.

[Runaria please come over to play. I always welcome a good child]
Misha also expressed her friendliness with Runaria.
[However, I will definitely not let go of Goshujinsama]
Is there a need to express hostility immediately afterwards…?
[I do not have the courage to snatch something away from Misha]
Although it seems like Runaria is trying to tell a joke, it might also possibly be her real intention.

And then it is the first day of our cohabitation life.
Different from Japan, there were not many household items in this world so the number of things we needed to prepare was not that much.

The main problem is the issue with the spirit but I could bear with it if it is harmless—
I suddenly could not see the figure of Misha.

I look all over for her and found Misha in her cat form on the balcony and looking outwards.
Aah, I saw such a situation occur back in my old apartment.
She is not look at any specific scenery but is just staring blankly outside.
This fellow is looking at a space where there is nothing.
This is also one of the mysteries of a cat.

Maa~, I could hear Misha talking so it seems she is doing something.
— Un, it seems she is talking to something.
I heard voices of [Hehe] and [Fufu].

[You also have it hard ne~]

This, surely is not,
Misha is currently speaking to a spirit!

What I mean is, a cat is looking outside the window—
And saw things such as spirits!

I silently returned to cleaning on the first floor.
After about an hour, Misha in her cat form also returned to the first floor.

[I became friends with the spirit]
[I see. Good for you…]
[It seems the spirit likes cat. Hence, we will not be chased away]
[There is also cat-lover among spirits!?]

From then on, I could occasionally see Misha staring outside of the balcony.
As I did not face any problem, I did not voice out any opinions.
I personally am not all that interested in making a spirit friend…

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! btw Actually, there are some adventurer within us who acts almost like a criminal so (being prejudged*) is unavoidable. shoudln’t it be like

    Actually, there are some adventurers who acts almost like criminals so (being prejudged*) is unavoidable.


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