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Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 19

T.L Hi guys! Been busy with assignment and projects so I only managed to translate this one chapter in a long time. Please scroll all the way down if you want to save time. Enjoy chapter 19 ~~

Chapter 19: New life with Misha

A cold breeze signaling the start of April blew squarely into my face as I stepped out of the inn with Misha, causing me to distort my captivating facial features in annoyance.

Misha sat snugly on my shoulders in her cat form, recovering her energy after the previous battles.

She sat with a pleased mood despite gust making a mess of her fur.

[Ne~ Misha, why do you look like you’re enjoying this kind of weather?]

[Maa, goshujinsama won’t understand since he is a human, but the wind blowing through our hair is actually pretty enjoyable for us cats]

Listening to Misha’s reply, my masterfully sculpted and suave face contorted with wrinkles as I tried to wrap my mind around this foreign concept.

[It is as you said, Misha. Even though I am a genius amongst men, one that you would only see once every millennium, I am simply unable to understand the thinking of a cat]

I said with a solemn nod.

[But! This is simply unacceptable for a man of my caliber! As the leading mind amongst humans, it is my responsibility to gain an understanding on everything, especially if it involves my beloved Misha!]

[Maa, I appreciate the sentiment, but wouldn’t it be easier if goshujinsama just turned into a cat]

A sudden shock sent shivers through my body as I heard Misha’s words.

[Oh Misha! I may be a brilliant and peerless prodigy, but you Misha, your intellect surpasses even that of mine!]

[Well of course. How else could I be goshujinsama’s lover otherwise? Well then, without further ado, I shall turn you into a cat with this extra spell that conveniently just happened to be included in the grimoire we bought]

Without even giving me a chance to react, Misha shot a beam of dazzling light onto me, blinding my vision completely.

Even with my sight robbed from me, I could feel the changes taking place to my body as I started growing smaller and hairier.

As the light faded, I slowly opened my eyes and found myself on eye level with Misha.

[Great success!]

[Phew, that scared the living handsomeness out of me. Please tell me in advance if you are going to do that in the future nee~

I grumbled and complained to Misha.

However, the more I looked at Misha, the weirder I felt. I have never felt this way towards Misha’s cat form, but her feline form appeared uncharacteristically attractive to me.

From her short pointy ears to her round and fluffy figure, the cat heart inside me started beating furiously.

[Nee Misha, having a family of kittens wouldnt be so bad would it?]

[What are you saying all of a sudden, goshu-]

Her words cut off mid sentence as she slowly realized the meaning behind my words.

Her face grew so red it was visible evem through her thick black fur.

[W-w-well, there is an alley way right there…]

Misha stuttered in embarassment.

Holding Misha’s paw in mine, we started walking towards the alleyway, far away from the sight of others.
-The End-










T.L This chapter is proudly written by my editor for April fool! Happy April fool guys ~~~ Also don’t blame me as I have already inform you at the start of the translator note. The link for the real chapter 19 is below =)

Chapter 19 (Real)


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