The strongest 10 years old magician

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Wanting to know a lot more

In the courtyard of Gutenbelt household, there was an extremely spacious garden.

The roses were well taken care of and fully blooming, and the bushes around were beautifully arranged.

The freshness of the morning air. Sunlight shone gently from the blue skies.

Ferris bathed under the sun while stretching her body.


As she was always digging things in a narrow tunnel, the young Ferris suffered from body aches on almost every part of her body. However, as she managed to sleep on a fluffy bed last night, she felt that most of her accumulated fatigue have been removed.

[For some reason… I feel good…]

[Fua~], Ferris yawned.

Her masters were not here today to order her to [Hurry up and work] so she does not have any work to do. But, she felt slightly uneasy this way.

There is no one else in that garden including any servants.

Ferris climbed and sat on the edge of a bench and started looking at her own palm.

She recalled that she was called into the reception room by the guard leader yesterday, and the things that she did.
Judging by everyone’s reaction, it seems that it was magic.

She did not even consider that she could use magic up until now. Come to think of it, she did not even attempted trying even once.

She thought that this sort of power is far away from her reach.

However … now that she knew she could use magic, she wanted to use more. Ferris wanted to know more about the power hidden within her.

[That… if I recall, I need to chant the word…]

She is someone that would remember anything once she heard about it once. She is however, ignorant of the fact that the specifications of her brain is extremely high. She properly remembered the chant for the spell.

[(Br, bright)]

After some hesitation, she softly chanted the spell.

Then, a ball of light appears from her palm and began to expand rapidly.

The rose petal that came into contact with the light scattered into the sky while the bushes started burning in white flames.

Standing in the middle of light that was brighter than the sun, Ferris started panicking.

This is really bad. It will become a serious matter just like yesterday.
Furthermore, Robert, who could stop the magic is also not here.

[Please, please make it stopppppppp!]


A voice was heard and the ball of light vanished.

[Eh? Eh? Eh? Who, is that…?]

Ferris looked around her surrounding in shock but could not find a single person.

As she was looking everywhere, Alicia appears from within the mansion. However, the voice she heard was obvious not Alicia’s voice.

[Morning, Ferris]

[Go, good morning!]

Ferris decided to leave the search for the mysterious voice until later.

Alicia observed the bushes around Ferris and became slightly gloomy.

[Magic… did you use it?]

[S, sorry! Just a little, I only use it just a little!]

[You do not have to worry about it. You have the freedom to use it. You… are you interested in magic?]

[That, rather than interest, if I could use magic properly, I feel that it will be helpful for work!]


Alicia became surprised.

[Yes! It is convenient to dig for magic stones using magic, so I could find job at another magic stone mine! Now, I, do not have a job!]

Ferris who is jobless, puffed her chest.

[That… Firstly, there are many jobs besides working in a mine… Also, I do not think you reached the age where you should work]

[Eh…but, I would not get food if I don’t work… Also, I, want to know]


[Magic, make me excited! Those that I could not do, I feel that I could do it now! I want to try many things!]

[I understand that feeling…]

Alicia mumbled.

[You understand too!?]

[…Yes. When I first started learning magic, I was also so excited that I could not control myself. No, even up until now, I kept learning new things which makes me extremely happy]

[Right! Right!]

Ferris pumped her fist in front of her chest excitedly.

Alicia could understand, sharing the same feelings with others, I am happy.
With masters and the miners, such experience, never even once before. For some reason, I felt I could very much get along with Alicia.

[However, are you satisfied with only that? Ferris, don’t you want to properly polish your magic?]
[Polish…desuka? Just like how magic stones are polished before selling them?]

[Although I do not know what is the process of polishing magic stone, but…it is probably similar. Before working, it is normal to attend school]


Ferris tilted her head hearing an unknown word.

[That’s right, it is a place where talented children such as yourself gathers, and learn from teachers. You will also receive proper guidance for subjects including knowledge in magic]


Ferris felt it is an attractive place to go. Not only could she obtain knowledge, she felt that it is a place where she could also see many other children her age.

[Well, would you like to take a look? I am also learning magic in that school]

[Y, yes! I want see! I want to go school!]

Ferris requested passionately.

Looking at the innocently looking Ferris and beaming with happiness, Alicia recalled the conversation with her father last night.


[… You want Ferris to attend the magic school?]

After her father called her to his study room, Alicia enquired further.

Robert nodded.

[Right. It is necessary to have someone guiding that child properly. A tragedy will definitely occur one day if she loss control of her magic just like today]

[That’s true… it is not possible to have someone helping to seal her magic everytime]

Alicia also agreed.

Earlier in the day, Robert only managed to stop Ferris’s magic by using the magic sealing liquid, but that bottle of liquid is extremely expensive. It is also not easily available everywhere.

[If, a tragedy does occur… that child might not be able to forgive herself. Feelings of guilt will lead her to despair. The Black Rain Witch broke down due to being overwhelmed by guilt]

[I do not want… that sort of thing to happen]

Not only is Ferris her benefactor, she also has the genuine feeling of wanting to bring Ferris happiness. Looking at such a small and cute girl who gets frightened easily, everyone would have such a feeling.

[Luckily, I know the principal of the magic school. I should be able to get the school’s cooperation if I explain the matter regarding Ferris honestly]

[I would also properly take care of her]

[Please. Not only for the sake of that child… but also the future of this world. Do not allow her to go astray, or break down, so please watch over her]

Robert rubbed his beard and spoke such heavy words.


[That… what’s wrong? You spaced out…]

Ferris asked Alicia who is deep in thoughts.

Alicia finally snapped back to reality with this.

[Ah, I am sorry, I am just remembering some stuff]

[So that’s the case. It should be me apologizing, Alicia-san]

[Just Alicia. My age is not that different from you]

[Is that true!?]

[I am 12 years old, so I am only older than you by 2 years]

[Ehhhh!? I thought you are 95 years old!]

[That is obviously not true, right!?]

Alicia suffered a heavy blow.

Ferris then tried to amend the situation.

[Ah, I made a mistake! You look like 15 years old! You are very matured]

[That, Thank you. However, I am not 95 years old. Right, I am definitely not 95 years old. Definitely not….]

Alicia repeated this multiple times. It seems that she has a complex regarding this.

After mumbling for a short moment, Alicia recovered her spirits and clapped her hands together.

[…Alright! Well then, let’s head to the street in front of the magic school. It is necessary to prepare clothing for you! As my size would not fit you, things such as cute clothes and bags, it is necessary to buy them!]

Alicia kept talking happily.

Ferris also felt excited looking at Alicia but there is still one matter she does not understand.

[Ano… buying things, what does that mean…?]

Ferris asked looking puzzled.

T.L End of Chapter 5


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20 thoughts on “Chapter 5

    1. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe, Ferris (either physically or in term of soul memories) is alive for longer than we thought?

      Like, her memories before becoming a mine slave might be gone, but maybe she’s actually ‘something’ that lived so long that 95 years IS a teen. (and all those years the miners observed her she didn’t age hence them calling her a monster)
      (It’d also explain why the summons called her Queen, since they’d be referring to her before losing her memories)


  1. Kyuuuun~ I love the interaction of these two~ if I have to compare it… its like a cute siblings that gets along very well~ a kind and doting older sister (Alicia) and the pure and adorable little sister that looks up to the big sister (Ferris) ~(=owo)~♥


      1. She might be subconciously remembered her age as the witch… I think it was a big clue…

        Alicia said she was near her age… So she impulsely answered…

        Also… A contract with a summon…


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