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Onnanoko Kaimashita Chapter 24

Konko: One thing leads to another and I translated this chapter. I still do not have any plans to pick this up ~

And no Ruri-chan this chapter =(

Chapter 24: A way to solve an urgent situation

[Er-, I apologize in advance but there is staff meeting today after class, so everyone has to stay back with me]

I f,forgot all about it…
The vice-principal announced this during the staff briefing in the morning. We have been informed long ago but I totally forgot about it.
Only a while ago, I would only have thought [Haiz… it’s this time of the month again] while lamenting that I could not go home early today. However, now that I have Ruri-chan with me, I could not afford to work overtime.
Even though I think that it would not be a problem for her, I still wanted to avoid getting home too late. I wanted to avoid the situation of leaving her alone in the house for too long. As expected, I could not help but get worried.
Even if I said that, is there anyone I could ask help with…?
I could ask Kaa-san for help but she does not have the key to enter the house. The same could be said for Jii-chan (T.L Kaa-san = mother, Jii-chan = grandfather). Besides, Ruri-chan has not seen my family members all that often, so she would only be vigilant against them and might not let them enter the house.
What should I now that it came down to this…

[Therefore, Nakamura. Why do you always skip school?]
[Because, it is so troublesome]
[“Because, it is so troublesome, Because, it is so troublesome”. You always use the same excuse every time]
[There is just no helping it. A troublesome thing is always a troublesome thing]
[There is no way to cure you. Didn’t your parents pay for your school fee?]
[Jaa~, you just have to make your lesson more interesting]
[… I am sorry]
[It’s fine if you understand. Hmm? What are you looking at?] (T.L P.s I dunno who is speaking halfway through the conversation)

My line of sight accidently overlaps with Nakamura when I happened to see her talking to her homeroom teacher – Itou-sensei.
I immediately wanted to avert my gaze but I came up with a good idea.
… That’s it!

[Wh, what is it?]
[I have a minor request. Could you call Amano over here?]
[Haa? Why do I have to be used as your errand girl?]
[I will treat you to ramen next time]
[A girl would not work for something like a ramen]
[Then, then what do you like?]

Nakamura started thinking seriously.
Nakamura-san? You do not have to think about it so seriously. グリーンダヨ. (T.L No idea what this means)

[I decided. Tell me more about that girl of yours]
[If you don’t do it, I will not listen to your request]
[You… are an evil woman]
[I got called that name many times. It does not matter what you call me]
[Aah! Hey!] (T.L MC is crying in agony)
[You can slowly think about it -]

Nakamura happily skipped out of the staff room while fluttering her hands.
I might just have chosen the wrong person…

And the next break time.

Nakamura brought Amano along with her while smiling and grinning.
I am convinced that I made a mistake.
It might be better for me to look for Amano directly.
However, it is already too late for regrets as I have already requested them to come over.

[There is a small request that I would like to ask for you]
[Yes! I would listen to whatever request Takeda is going to make]
[I will stay and listen because it sounded amusing]
[…Nakamura. What are you doing here?]
[I am checking if you properly remembered what we just said]
[No, I am not very good at remembering things]
[So you did remember]

Her face is smiling but her eyes are not.
This has a meaning of [You better remember because I am not going to forget about it].
Women are so scary. Especially Nakamura.

[What are the two of you talking about? Am I being left out?]
[Not to worry. I will tell Kyouko all about it next time]
[You promise?]
[Of course. But it also depends on Takeda]

No matter how many times I think about it, Nakamura is scary.
I wish she would be slightly cuter…

[So what is your request?]
[I need your help with something]
[I already know you need our help, so get to your point]
[There is staff meeting today after class]
[I heard that from my Itou too. He said things like (There is staff meeting today so the duration of the club activities today would be shortened)]
[As you can see, I must also attend the staff meeting]
[I see -]

Nakamura understood the situation with just the current information and nodded to herself.
As expected of Nakamura.
Amano still had a face showing she had not fully understood the situation.

[So before I return home, I would like if you could look after Ruri-chan. The latest I will reach home would be 8 pm. Could I request you to do this?]

After I finished speaking, both me and Nakamura turned and looked over at Amano to see her reaction.
And looking at Amano, she has a face that is smiling brilliantly.

[Of course! I would be even willing to cross the mountain or the sky to fulfil Takeda’s request]
[As expected of Amano. I also thought that is how you would answer]

And I felt relieved for a moment.

[But do you not have anyone else to take care of Ruri-chan?]
[Oh, because the number of acquaintance that know Ruri-chan limited. Hence, I could only depend on Amano and Nakamura for help]
[I am very happy that you would depend on me!]
[Jaa~, I would be depending on you until school is over]
[Hey, Takeda. Give me your key]
[Ah, that’s right. Please do not make a duplicate key]
[Hah! I did not think of this trick!]
[That’s right. So please don’t do it]
[This Amano Kyouko would definitely not let down the trust Takeda place on me! I would definitely not do it!]

Amano gave me a salute after saying this. You should use you right hand to salute and not your left.
And before leaving the classroom, Nakamura turned around and speak to me.

[About our promise, please do not forget about it]
[… I will think about it]

Nakamura left the classroom after showing a fearless smile.
I sighed thinking about it. I really made a mistake in choosing the one to help me.


I heard the voice of Nakamura’s homeroom teacher, Itou-sensei.

[Please teach me how you managed to get along with Nakamura]
[… Ye, yes]

I wonder what time I could reach home today?

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T.L Ruri-chan is in danger ~~~


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