Chapter 10

This chapter is dedicated to Igna-sama for donating to this series. (I decided to only show the first four alphabets of my donor’s name from now on. Please contact me if you prefer to show full name)

10th Meal: Daily life of the new saint

Hello everyone. I am Eltina desu.
The real me is an old man though. Fufufu~

Well then, one week has passed since I arrived at the [Capital city – Philimichia] and got worshiped as a saint.

I have been living in the [Healer’s Association] throughout this week. The building of the association is the size of an elementary school in my previous world. The reason for having a building of this size is because the cathedral of the Maius church is also in this place.
Therefore, the outer appearance of building was painted white and gave of a feeling of holiness.

The Healer’s Association consists of three stories. The first floor consisted of the Healer’s Association’s treatment room and the church’s cathedral. In addition, there are also several rooms for receiving guests, the guild master’s room as well as a few unused room.
There was also a huge canteen where everyone could come over and eat.

The second floor consists of classrooms used for training healers, the vice-guild master’s room as well as a library that kept books related to the teachings of the Maius’s church and healing magic.
Also, for some reason, there is an extremely huge bath.
It is a foolishly huge bath that you will see in a Ryokan so dozens of people could even bath at the same time. (T.L Ryokan = Japanese style inn)
The bath drew water directly from a hot spring so it has the effects of making your skin smooth.
And surprisingly, anyone could enter this bath.
I often see those obaa-chan with back problems entering this bath.

Finally, the third floor is used as a storage room. It is quite a pity if you ask me.

I was also allocated one of the rooms in the Healer’s Association and became a live-in student.
And so, I practiced healing magic day after day.
I kept convincing myself every day that [It’s all for the sake of earning money so bear with it, bear with it…].

Besides practicing healing magic non-stop every day, I also learnt from class that…
Most magic in this world does not require chanting.

Uwa! I can use magic without chanting! I finally became a cheat MC!
There was once I thought of it this way and became deeply moved.

However, on my first day of becoming a saint, I saw an ordinary housewife using chantless lifestyle magic while humming a song. Just laugh at me. Hahaha…

Furthermore… there is also a [Degree of familiarity] with magic, which increases in proficiency after you keep repeatedly using the magic.
You would be able to use chantless magic soon after your proficiency in that magic increases.

No matter which magic it is, you need to chant a chuunibyou-like aria in the beginning…
As expected, it is seriously tiring chanting over a long period of time.

The aria for advance magic is as long as a monk praying.
This is scary. (T.L MC said it in katakana)

However, I have to remember all of it as I am worshiped as a saint now…

[Gufugufugufu….] (T.L MC is chanting in an almost non-audible voice)

As it is embarrassing chanting out loud, I mastered the technique of chanting extremely fast and quietly.
It seems that magic could be activated just like this. Isn’t this good?

[You have plenty of energy ne~, saint-sama]

The person that came over to talk with me is one of the training instructors, Eleanor Curie-san.

[It is about time for a rest. It is not good pushing yourself too hard, okay?]

And persuaded me to rest.
She is a talented woman that became a priest at a young age. She is currently 25 years old and from the human race.
She has an eye-catching long and wavy blonde hair.
A pair of beautiful ruby-like coloured doubled eye-lid eyes.
Well-proportioned nose, and a healthy plumped lips.
She is roughly 170 cm tall, which is considered tall for a lady.
Such a nice style! Kya! Bam! {I am excited}

Above is my analysis of Eleanor…

(T.L Image of Eleanor)

[Eleanor-san, erotic]

Oh shit! I said it out loud!?

[Haa…? Am I ecchi?]

Placing one hand on her cheek, she showed a troubled expression. Un, Erotic desu.

[I will rest for the time being and have a meal]

I tried to change the topic to deceive her.
That’s right, it is time for lunch.
Eating is the only salvation to cure my tired soul…
On a side note, the place for eating lunch is the Healer’s Association’s canteen.

As the Healer’s Association’s canteen is just at the first floor, it is extremely convenient to move over.
Well then! Let’s move to the canteen! Patapatapata… {I am slow as expected} (T.L Sound of MC trotting)

[Welcome! Ara~? Eltina-sama is early today ne~?]

I heard a greeting full of energy from the owner of the canteen. (T.L Or call her Okami-san)
Miranda Huribird-san. Race is human, 33 years old and a [widow]. It is important to mention that.

Her glossy and long brown hair is tied with lace.
I could see strong willpower within her blue eyes. Her thick eyebrow is similar to mine.
It is not difficult to see the charm emitted from Okami-san with such strong willpower.
And her size is… Biggggggggg! Her height is 195 cm!! Her three size are 105, 65 and 93!! Using the power of my eye, it is easy for me to grasp the measurement of any women three sizes!

…Maa~, she is your so called mature women. Oh… erotic, erotic.

(T.L Image of Miranda)

[Today’s study ended early]
[It is getting crowded], Miranda-san continued speaking to me.
As she said, this place is always crowded. This is because many monkeys are attracted to Okami-san’s charm!

She has the looks as well as decent figure, and is a widow on top of that. It is no surprise that she attracts many people.

Furthermore, her cooking is superb, which makes even me wanting to attack her. But, I am a little girl now.

[The same~]

I knocked on the table and make a [Bam,bam] sound to urge her.
There is no helping it! I could not control my excitement!

[Yes, Omurice right?]

That’s right, it is omurice.
The delicious dish that is served with a half-cooked egg, giving of a [Fuwafuwa] texture.
To top it off, the rice is topped with tomato sauce.
Furthermore, the tomato sauce is Okami-san’s secret recipe.
I would not get sick of it as it tasted very refreshing.
You would get addicted once you taste it, so many of the people here also order omurice.

[I kept you waiting!]

And my omurice was served to me.


My tension just raised to the top.
I must first give my gratitude and thanks to the ingredient.
This is something that I always do since I was in my original world, and I am very stubborn with this habit before eating.

In order to survive, you must take away the life of others in the form of eating them.
Although my actions might be contradictory, it is required for me to keep on living.
Hence, I must give my thanks to the life that is sacrificed.
As I am not very good at thinking of difficult things, I simply summarized my thoughts.
This is my form of gratitude and thanks to the food. (T.L I have some trouble understanding this 5 sentences so this is how I interpret it)

The important thing now is to [eat].


Haafu, Mogumogu….Mokyu, Ngungu. (T.L Please just imagine the sound effects of MC eating the food)

Un! Deliciousssssssss!!
This half-cooked egg that is mixed with tomato sauce!
The soft fluffy rice and the home-made tomato sauce…


I could not control shouting out loud as it is too delicious.

[Maa~, is that Eltina screaming?]

The person who said such rude words is the blue hair adventurer, Alphonse.
He is also one of those monkies that is targeting Okami-san.

[Go back]

I showed my displeasure. Please do not intrude into my happy moment.

[So cruel!? I have not eaten anything yet!]

So noisy. His real aim must be Okami-san anyway!

[Are~, Welcome Alphonse-san. You are early today]

Okami-san revealed an extremely brilliant business-like smile.
It seems that this mob character became shy as he gave an incoherent reply.
Not long after, he sat on a single seater table. It seems that he decided to order a meal consisting of fried chicken.

[… It’s a good choice, but its meat might be too firm?]

Staring hard, this statement attracted Alphonse-ossan’s attention.

[I apologise but I would still like to order that. It’s super delicious]

[Alright then]

I have eaten all the food in this menu. There is no problem.

This fried chicken is certainly popular, but okami-san does not seem to remember.
After all, this is one of the super popular item in the menu.
Many people have been asking for it, so why does she keep on forgetting about it? 

[Sorry to keep you waiting]

An extremely delicious looking fried chicken, giving off a sizzling sound is placed on his table.
The meal also come with soft bread and clear soup.
I prefer eating white rice and miso soup…
But it seems these items are considered valuable in this country that is constantly fighting.

Especially those miso soup that have been preserved since the founding on the nation, it seems it require quite a sum of money…
How fussy is the diet of people in this country? I felt like retorting.

Alphonse-ossan greedily devoured his fried chicken meal.

Hafuu… Juu… Hafuu, Mogu…zuzu…ngu,ngu… (T.L Please use your imagination for the sound you make when you are eating)

……. It seems he knows how to enjoy fried chicken.

First of all, he took a big bite of the fried chicken, and then immediately eat some bread and drink of mouthful of the clear soup.
Such a series of beautiful and elegant movement… It seems that fried chicken meal have a 10 year of history in this world.

[Well then… it about time. Shall we resume our studies?]

Eleanor left her seat after finishing the last of her sandwich.
It seems that quite a long time has passed.


I said that and follow after her.
On a side note, the bill for the meal would be paid by the guild. Well done, El-chan!

The afternoon class lasted until evening. Following that, I went to Miranda-san’s canteen for dinner.
And only a small amount of time remains for the day… the remaining one hour before bedtime is my free time.

And if you asked me how I spend my freetime…


I used this time to train my body.
Even though I might be able to use healing magic, I would still easily die if I could not protect myself.
But, my talent for using weapons is E rank. Fyukun~.

Moreover, my talent for all other magic attribute is D rank!
Not matter how weak a normal elf is, their affinity to magic should be B rank?
This is bad, El-chan! The chance of getting down look on increases! This is depressing.


I felt tired… this is the best time to eat something sweet!
Peachy-sensei! Please give me you power!

Peachy appear after a dazzling glow of light.
Looking at peachy-sensei, I felt that it is saying [Excellent… go ahead and eat me].

[Ahh~su!] (T.L Sound of MC opening his mouth. Imagine feeding a baby and ask them to open their mouth)
Shaku, Jururu… Nkuu…Gookun! (T.L Sound effect of eating the peach. Do not ask me how to translate this)

[Fuha~, eating peachy-sensei after exercising is the best…]

It is important for me to continue persevering like this.
I must still work hard even though I have no talent, and display the attitude on an island country! (T.L Japan is sort of like an island nation but still have strong military might)
Even if I say that, I am still just a 5-year-old child.
Let’s not over-exert myself and just sleep on my bed if I feel too tired.

I repeated this schedule for the whole of this week.
And then, I would have to prepare for the on-site training two weeks from now.
I have to try all sort of things for now. This is the basic principle that I learnt after living in that forest.
I do not know what lies ahead on me, but I must keep on moving forward.

I must master over my greed and learn more magic.
Forge my body! Sharpen my mind! Elevate my soul to new heights!


I felt into deep sleep after thinking of all these things in my mind.

T.L End of Chapter 10.


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